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  1. That's a great explanation, thank you!
  2. Well, I have a raise coming in the next couple of weeks. I think I'll wait for that to come through, since it will be like 25% higher than it was when I got the cards. I'm at 2, 000 and 3,000 right now. Do you think I'd be Ok asking for 10,000 on each?
  3. Actually, I don't care about whether or not it's a hard pull. They can hard pull me all day long, lol, if they're going to give me higher limits for it. I just want to know if this is like a "preapproval" for a higher limit or not. Would they just automatically give me a higher limit if they were going to, or do they require you to jump through this hoop?
  4. I've had my NFCU CCs for about 2 years. When I first applied I was pretty active here and many people said when certain things just appeared it was NAVY pretty much "Inviting" you to apply, and iirc they didn't pull, or only a soft pull... Something to that effect. Basically, your chances were good. I thought I had some baddies semi-recently, including late payments on Navy products (not 30 days late, just past the due date), so seeing this is a surprise to me. Is it possible that now it just comes up randomly, or do I have a chance? Btw, the payments were late because I had some difficulty staying on top of things, brain/health-wise, not because I couldn't handle the payments, in case anyone is going to say I shouldn't try because I already can't handle what I've got, etc.
  5. So, Midland seems to have gotten ahold of all of our GECRB debt. They've had their atty in our area sue me for 2 GECRB cards, and are now suing dh. I have no income and I'm not on the primary bank account, so I'm ungarnishable, so wasn't too worried, but dh is the breadwinner. I'd really prefer this not go to court, if at all possible. But the debt they claim is just over $1200. We can pay half, but no more. What do you suppose our chances are that they'll take it? And who do we call to try to get them to take it? The atty, or Midland? Or should we do it in writing? Regardless, I'd think they'll probably want auto-pay and there's no way I'm letting those cultures in our bank account... Le Sigh.
  6. Thanks, guys. Yeah, I NEVER have that kind of luck, and it's on the report Navy pulls, too, so SUPER yay!
  7. I sent the dispute on Dec 30th. Could that have something to do with it? It was the third time I'd disputed this TL in the past year. I disputed it on EX, too, and it didn't come off there... I don't really care I guess, but just wanted to share my joy. I finally got a stroke of luck!
  8. We have a USDA RD mortgage. We had our taxes greatly adjusted, which caused us to have a large escrow surplus. After they informed us of the surplus we faxed a letter asking them to use it toward our Dec payment (which they told us on the phone and in the local office we could do, and the amount would make our full payment). We have the fax confirmation showing that the fax went through, but they claim it never did. If they had not received this letter they were supposed to send us a check for the amount, and they did not do that...The local office rep couldn't figure out what was going on and why they were still holding it, but got it applied, finally. But not before their system decided to report that our payment was 30 days late. > Since their ineptitude caused the problem to begin with I have a feeling dh is going to have that late on his record until he dies. However, in case anyone here had a heartwarming tale of them getting it right and fixing the CR...I figured I'd place the question on how best to do it. Maybe somone has an address or person to whom it should be addressed...? Or could we dispute it directly with the CRA? Honestly, I don't think I care too much if we lose the whole TL, since they report only to TU anyway. I had literally that week fully cleaned dh's TU report. Without this late he would have zero baddies... I'm so bummed it worked out like this. Thanks
  9. Thank you rslifkin. I found your thread, but didn't really think it would work, since it appears they did NOT delete your addresses that were tied to TLs? I also found this recent thread with another phone number: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=502774&st=0&p=4769632&hl=+experian%20+phone%20+number&fromsearch=1entry4769632
  10. After a 6 month hiatus after buying our house, I'm back at this credit repair biz. Dh has just 2 baddies on TU and EQ, but 4 on Ex. They are all tied to 2 old addresses. EX easily removed several old addresses through an online dispute this past weekend (same day), which was nice, but wouldn't even take the dispute online for the 2 addresses attached to TLs ("These addresses were reported by your creditors. Take it up with them" or some such message). I knew they wouldn't, so only got rid of the others as a housekeeping thing. TU and EQ deleted next day through online dispute, giving me no trouble and leaving only our current address, which is tied to NO baddies (hopefully making my cleanup for the last stickies much easier. I got no traction at all when we still lived at the old address). Now, iirc, there is no getting rid of these EX addys, and I just have to move on. However, in case I am wrong, I thought I'd ask. I couldn't come up with anything through search, so maybe I'm searching on the wrong things. Sorry, if so. I do have dh going to get an entirely new driver's license this week, showing ONLY his new address, jic EX will actually do anything if we do the addy dispute with the copy of the license, etc.
  11. I had no idea this was an option, since nobody advertises it, I'm sure. However, at least in MI (check with your local city or twp), if you meet income qualifications you can get a "Poverty Exemption" to your property taxes. We just filed with our township and were approved for 2012 winter taxes and 2013 summer. Depending upon your income, bills and other factors on a several-page application, the twp board makes a decision on what taxes you can afford. Our winter taxes were $2021 before the exemption. After the exemption our winter bill is $120. We turned this new bill and poverty exemption approval in to USDA and it reduced our monthly house payments by almost $200, plus we had an escrow surplus (since we'd been paying in since July) of over $800. We asked them to apply it to our December payment and, thus, skipped our payment for this month. This is an extremely helpful break to our monthly finances. Obviously it won't help you get into a bigger house, etc, since you have to have already bought the house to apply. So, it's not some neat trick to scam anybody. But, if you do need a little break for a year or 2 in order to make your mortgage payments, this is very helpful.
  12. Sorry if this posted 10000 times. My internet is having trouble today and I lost my connection multiple times.
  13. If anyone has had any luck with a GECRB goodwill, and even specifically JC Penny, please PM me with any info you have, names, adddresses, etc. I have a 30 day late that was simply a complete mistake on an otherwise 5 yr spotless record since BK and it kills me...
  14. If anyone has had any luck with a GECRB goodwill, and even specifically JC Penny, please PM me with any info you have, names, adddresses, etc. I have a 30 day late that was simply a complete mistake on an otherwise 5 yr spotless record since BK and it kills me... Duplicate, sorry, mods can delete.

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