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  1. Bankruptcy isn't shameful. It's a valid option. It's your right. When life happens and you get so far behind that you'll never catch up, you're only making it worse by waiting. There's a thread in the BK forum about regrets, almost everyone only regrets not filing sooner.
  2. How did you get your addresses off EX?
  3. Check the creditpulls database for successes with similar scores. You should def open a few CCs. As important as chipping away at the bad stuff is, it's equally important to establish positive TLs. Good luck!
  4. "Get off your High Horse and check yourself! ....someone doing the exact same thing that they did before and then brag about running up multi-millions and going BK on it." You're judging, accusing, assuming- sounds like you should follow your own advice re: removal from high horse and self inventory. In all your time on CB you never realized that adding available credit is different from taking on debt?
  5. It could work, give it a try. Nothing about this is a science. Some people get lucky, some don't. Some experience negative side effects of losing old positive stuff by tinkering with the baddies. You have to weigh the risks and take a chance. Good luck!
  6. I'd remove it. Get everything inaccurate off and offer nothing but the bare minimum in return.
  7. 1. Obtain hard copy reports directly from the CRAs ✔ 2. Opt out ✔ 3. Remove all old and inaccurate personal info ✔ You're on the right path! Head over to the Student Loans forum (http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showforum=19) for help there and see Why Chat's HIPAA guide for your medical (http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showforum=39).
  8. While this analysis may be correct, it is not relevant to the current issue. I don't think its necessary. The bulk of the advice given the SCM here has be "STOP what you are doing because its a terrible way to rebuild, prone to AA, and reeks of credit sadness for a long time". I think that's where it needs to stay. The analysis of lifestyle or reasons for BK IMO are out of bounds because you simply don't know. Lets stay on point. SCM here's your hint for today, when was the last time Barclays softed you? HINT! HINT!! HINT!!! Dudes, SCM isn't on here claiming he's got the recipe for credit success. He's trying something out. It's risky (some stay stupid), but it's his credit, his idea, his story. Saying you disagree with his method is fair, but leave it at that. He's not converting the masses.
  9. That's a great start. Keep at it! Experian is notorious for holding onto old stuff tooth and nail. Good luck!
  10. Start creating a paper trail, just might be you suing them in the end.
  11. California goes by the last item or activity and not the date of first delinquency. The 4 year SOL on an open account is based on the last purchase or payment, even partial payment. Your SOLs start when your accounts were closed. "But an open book account becomes closed, and the statute of limitations begins to run, once the account creditor ceases to extend credit on the account and there is no further activity on the account other than payment being made."

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