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  1. No, I have not. To clarify, the phantom checking account is US Bank. The credit card that had the auto payment setup on it was with someone else; it automatically pulled the money from this phantom US Bank account. I've been concerned about contacting US Bank because I had some accounts go to collection, etc with them and I was worried about them "finding me" and possibly stirring the pot on something that I wasn't aware of. I believed all of my accounts were closed as the were either charged off, payed, or sent to collections. The only possibility I can think of is that maybe I was on a joint account and they are still using it. But when I try to log into the US Bank site, it says I have no accounts associate with my email, which is the only email I've ever used. I'm at 10 days now since the phantom account was charged and I've seen no evidence of it getting kicked back. I'm going to give it 14 days and then call US Bank I guess.
  2. I agree, none of it makes sense... I called the card issuer about the payment and they said it appears to have processed but sometimes it can take up to a week before it gets bounced back. I'm not confident that the people I'm speaking with are certain about anything however; I've talked to 3 different people and haven't got any conclusive answers. Thank you for the insight. Sounds like I should wait another week or so and then call US Bank.
  3. Long story short... An old credit card I rarely use triggered an autopayment that was setup to be paid by an old checking account. That checking account has been closed (I believe) for about 5 or 6 years. Back then I overdrafted and fines etc caused them to close it. There were also credit accounts that I neglected. Since then there was collections, a lawsuit, all sorts of stuff. I believe everything is settled at this point. BUT... Now this payment was made over a week ago and the payment hasn't been returned, making me think maybe the account is still active. Is there any downside to just calling US bank and asking if I have any active accounts with them?
  4. I thought I saw a post somewhere where the person was able to Goodwill the original creditor and get them to stop reporting. Has anybody had success doing that? The listing from the original creditor shows no balance, so it might not be hurting my score much at all.
  5. Ohio. I know it's passed the SOL, they told me that much in a letter. My concern is about the date it will come off of my credit report. Right now it's scheduled to come off in 12/2020 but I'd like to do some work and get it removed earlier.
  6. An old CapitalOne credit card was charged off. It went to collections and the collections account appeared on my reports. The original CapitalOne credit card disappeared from two reports but is still on Equifax. Do original creditor accounts that are charged off usually stay on your report after they're sent to collections? Is there any way to get the original charged off account off of my report? It seems odd that basically the same account can show up as two negative items. If it can come off, can you please help me find some resources to help get it off? I found this article but it doesn't help much: https://blog.credit.com/2012/08/credit-report-double-jeopardy-means-double-damage-61199/
  7. DOFD was 3/2014. The report lists it as On Record Until 10/2020. It list the Date Opene as 06/2017, I'm assuming that's maybe when Portfolio bought the original debt and created the collections account.
  8. Haven't been around here in a while. Is the 1-2 Punch still my best option? 5 year old collections account from Portfolio Original account was CapOne Credit card, $3,500 Want to buy a house this year and this is the last negative I have I'm concerned about possibly re-aging the account when I send a letter I'm looking at doing the 1-2 punch but it's been so long I'm wondering if that's still as effective? Should I start with the DV letter to Portfolio? Are there any current example DV letters? Thanks!
  9. I believe the account was opened in California, but went delinquent when I lived in Illinois. Since then I have lived in Ohio and now Washington. Which state laws will apply here?
  10. I opened the account in California, but have lived in Illinois, Ohio and now Washington since then. I'm still not clear what state the SOL goes off of. I'm getting the EWS report now. Thank you!
  11. I had a checking account that went negative and I never dealt with it. It was opened about 12 years ago and it was charged off 4 years ago. I also haven't done anything with the account in about 8 years. Recently I've been getting collections calls asking for $400. I've ordered the chexsystems report. The account is probably mine, but in not sure yet. I'm hoping that I'm past some statute of limitations or something that will help me. I'm familiar with the process of disputing credit accounts but what is the process for checking accounts?
  12. No, looking back through my phone, I've have about 15 calls in the past two weeks. My phone says "Suspicious Caller" or something like that on the caller ID so I hadn't been answering, but yes, I've only answered ONE call. When they called he rattled off his name and company SO fast that I still don't know who/where he was calling from. I had to ask him to slow down several times to figure out what he was actually saying. He did say collection company for US Bank but he said they don't buy the debt, they just work for US Bank. Regardless, I told him I'm not comfortable talking with him on the phone regarding the issue and I didn't know what account he's talking about. Which is true, because I really don't know what account this is. I think the next steps will be to get my chexsystems report and go from there.
  13. -Correct, I have no documentation of this account. I don't recall having a checking account with them in bad standing, but when things went south I was MUCH more concerned about the 10,000 in credit. -I'm not sure of the differences between checking and credit accounts when it comes to these situations. I believe statute of limitations for collections on credit cards is based off of the last time you paid on the account. How is statue of limitations different for checking accounts? -I answered the phone today, but the was the first and only time. I had just made some calls to hospitals about paying some medical bills (not in collections) and I thought this was them calling me back. When I gave my birth date to verify who I was, then I figured out who I was actually talking to and got off of the phone. I tried not to say too much, but honestly I should've just hung up right away instead of trying to figure out who I was talking to. -I have a credit union and a bank checking account, although I know that something is on my chexsystems. You're right, maybe I'll get that information and start from there.
  14. I had a US Bank checking account the went negative. After fees, they're saying it's -400 bucks. The account was opened about 12 years ago and I haven't done anything with it in probably 8 years. I'm positive this is past the Statute of Limitations. -What can I do to get them to stop calling? -If not, can I somehow leverage all their calls into some kind of lawsuit to get them to stop? They told me the account's only been charged off for 4 years but I find that hard to believe. Also, I don't think that really matters. I believe what truly matters is when is the last time I paid on the account. Not to mention, I've since won a lawsuit against US Bank over a credit card where they had to forgive about $10,000 and also pay me $3000 on top of it. I'm shocked they're now coming after me for $400 on such an old account.

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