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  1. Ok so my BK7 was discharged 08/2009. Pulled the trigger after reading this thread and instantly Approved!. Wow! I still have plenty IIB accounts. Also I IIB Amex in my first BK7 back in 1996. I knew I wasn't blacklisted since I'm an AU on my mother's Amex Zync. Anyhow, I registered my card online and looks like I was backdated to 1994 when I got my first Amex card! Now that is SWEEEET!!! Only approved for $2k one of my lowest limits but glad I'm back in. Pulled only EX FICO score 711.
  2. So decided to try a 5 year post BK7 app spree with mainly EX and TU pullers (which is where my BK is showing) Barclays USAirways MC (TU)-$5,000 instant approval, called backdoor # and asked for a CLI, after a 10 minute interrogation denied due to "low overall utilization and too much available credit". Lowe's (TU)- $5,000 was instantly approved for only $700, called backdoor and asked for CLI to $10k, they countered with $5K which I gladly accepted. Lowe's was IIB. PSECU Visa/PSL Combo (EX) -$20,000 These guys have a strict 5 year post discharge BK policy. Applied 11 days short of 5 year discharge and was immediately shot down, loan officer stated they will deny even if 1 day too soon. So I wait 12 days and reapply. Easy approval no questions asked just needed 2 recent paystubs. 2 EX pulls but worth it. NASA FCU Visa (EX) -Still pending since yesterday American Airlines FCU Visa (EQ)-$15,000- instant approval . Offers decent products with higher initial limits but looks like no easy way in unless you're in the travel industry. See sig for current scores.
  3. I just got off the phone with them. The rep tried to extend the special rate for another 6 mos. She stated it was an available option in her system but it would not go through. She suggested I call back on the 11th which is my cut off date. We'll see.
  4. DW was also approved for 1000 about 3 mos ago. She recently hit the CLI and asked for 7000 and it was instantly approved. So after 3 months a 6,000 CLI and no HP. All this with a ch7 discharged less than a year ago and barely any usage on the card.
  5. In my case, it reports as installment on EX and TU but Revolving on EQ
  6. Yes you can just do a transfer from your CL to your checking account and the funds are available immediately.
  7. What are your scores? SDFCU now pulls EX. I opened and applied for a CC a little over 2 years after my discharge. I was instantly denied due to BK. After sending in a RECON letter and after 2+ weeks I was approved for a $2.5k credit line. They would not budge for more. My EX score was near 700 if I can remember correctly. They would not even match my lowest limit CC which was $5k. I doubt that u would get anything near $20k with a BK showing on your CR but YMMV since that was almost 2 years ago. I closed the accts eventually they really don't offer anything worth EX pulls in my opinion. You might have a better shot at a higher CL with Alliant since they seem to favor a 3 year post BK discharge. Be careful with Barclays. They seem to do soft pulls at around the 6 month mark and do not like new accts showing and will close your acct.
  8. FYI DCU recently pulled both EQ and EX on me for a CC app and they did not ask for my consent to pull EX otherwise I would of said NO.

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