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  1. This is the PETTIEST thing I have ever seen.... and I love you for it!!
  2. Have you tried calling to ask? The option to graduate secured cards is fairly new to SDFCU, so you may not get many responses.
  3. They pull Experian when you sign up for membership, in order to verify your identity. The secured card itself has no credit check.
  4. SDFCU secured... it graduates after 12 months.
  5. Do you know if we are required to check yes after the BK has fallen off our reports?
  6. I went through the same dilemma when I was considering bankruptcy. I thought I could hold out, but I decided bankruptcy would allow me to move on with my life quicker than dodging collections and praying I wouldn't get sued. Keep in mind, even if you are able to avoid a judgement, those negative items are still on your report for 7 years. Therefore, you are waiting YEARS to get your credit cleaned up. If you file bankruptcy, you can generally start getting credit immediately, and prime lenders will approve after a few years (assuming you didn't burn them). Most bankrupt people wish they had do
  7. Let us know how that goes, they just started allowing cards to graduate in the recent past. I got two of them in January.
  8. Have you tried graduating your SDFCU card? It's eligible after a year.
  9. I was about two years behind. The debt was considered charged-off. $25k.
  10. I burned NFCU for about $25k in bankruptcy, and they left my savings and checking alone. There is a permanent banner above my accounts that says "Your account information is being provided for informational purposes only. Providing you this information is not an attempt to collect a debt." I will probably close my membership since I no longer have any use for them.
  11. Yes, anything above $99 will be added to your $200 credit line.
  12. I'm just putting this out there for a datapoint, and should not be misconstrued as legal advice. NFCU was offering me some pretty low settlement offers last year before I filed for bankruptcy. The last letter they sent me was for 25% of the balance.
  13. Thank you so much for sharing this. I never imagined travel being that risky!
  14. Why do we hate Synchrony now? I thought they were good for rebuilding and high limits.
  15. Yeah I thought about temporarily signing up for EQ. TU's website is trash, so I couldn't get an idea of their cost.
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