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  1. That was my understanding on installment loans, I just wanted to make sure I was right. Thank you.
  2. I wish I paid it down that quickly! I got the car 3 years ago, I am just now starting to accelerate the payments.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. but do I get extra points by having the loan 99% paid off? I'm not sure if that's how FICO works with installment loans.
  4. New car with about 24 payments left on 5 year loan.
  5. I forgot to mention, the goal of keeping it open vs paying off early is to gain some points on my credit.
  6. I know this question is basic af, and I'm probably over-thinking this. I've been trying to pay down my car loan early. So far, I've been putting the extra payments towards the monthly installment vs paying towards the principal. My question is... would I benefit at all by paying the monthly payments early until it gets down to almost nothing, and leaving it open for the next two years, or just paying it off? I have two other open installment loans, which are student loans that will be paid over the next 37 years.
  7. It’s so sad that people get sucked into those cards because they are desperate for an approval.
  8. I am a very big believer in secured cards. I've noticed that many non-CBers are more interested in the First Premieres of the world because they don't have to put down a deposit. But I see it as saving $200/year, per card, when using secured credit cards. I just opened 3 secured credit cards with a $1,000 deposit for each card. That's equivalent to saving $600+ per year by putting down a deposit on a secured credit card versus applying for 3 First Premiere credit cards.
  9. I got my first post-bankruptcy credit card offer from First Premiere! I never realized FP was this awful! I truly can't believe that anyone signs up for a credit card with this many fees! (literally cannot inbed the photo, so here's the link): https://imgur.com/WAvxUif
  10. I think I’m going to stop following those groups because I’m getting a migraine from watching these people make bad decisions, and I’m tired of telling people to stop looking at Vantage scores.
  11. I'm currently working on my second rebuild, and I follow some groups on Facebook and Reddit. I'm just so sad to see how many people are credit confused. One group I follow on Facebook is thousands of people excited about their Credit One and First Premiere approvals, Vantage Scores, and a bunch of questions on when they should pay their bill (really??). I can't believe that would have been me if I didn't find this site in 2010 during my first rebuild. It's also really sad to see the general misunderstanding about credit.
  12. Yeah it was a typo. "I've stuck with them" is what I meant, but I couldn't edit. I've never dealt with the ATM card issue because I gave up on that long ago. I just use a debit card.
  13. I assumed it was a YMMV type of situation. I have a very good history with them (no overdrafts or bounced checks), but in the early days, they did not give me the mobile deposit option because I didn't have a credit product. So when I had a paper check from one of my clients, I had to visit a UPS store to deposit the checks. I almost gave up on them completely, until one day I noticed mobile deposit became an option for me. These deposits (as well as the push/pull ACHs) were available immediately, so I suck with them ever since.
  14. I actually do not have a credit card with USAA, so I cannot answer any questions about that. Also, I do not know the limits of same day availability for mobile deposits, as I don't make large check deposits to my account. The most I've done is probably $2,000, and $10,000 is the daily max. I personally don't trust depositing that much through mobile deposit. If I have anything substantial to deposit, I take it to a Chase branch and deposit it into my business account (where they always hold it for 1 to 5 business days, despite years of history with them 🙄).
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