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  1. I never said I wasan't going to take care of things, but I do not appreciate them sharing my business with other people. I'm sure anyone here could agree they wouldn't want that, either. I really don't understand why there is so much judgement here. I just asked a simple question on whether this was legal.
  2. I don't think Navy Federal would fall under the definition of "debt collector"..... right?
  3. Thank you. I Didn't see anything that relates to this, though.
  4. I was just trying to say that my credit is currently spiraling downhill, opposite to how it was the last time I logged in to Credit Boards.
  5. Thanks for your help, Nyquil. I'm just ignoring spacemule's remarks on my writing abilities.
  6. Hi everyone! I've been off the board for a few years. I had successfully rebuilt my credit from crap, and then life just got too busy for me to keep up with Credit Boards. Unfortunately, since that time, my credit has taken a hit, and things are currently in a downhill spiral. So here's a scenario I just encountered yesterday. I am behind on my Navy Federal accounts by about 70 days. I haven't answered their call yet, as I'm still coming up with a game plan. My mother mentioned to me last week that they called asking for me. I assume they got the number from my credit report or another public source, and I didn't think too much of it. My parent's landline has been around for decades, and it's always the first number called when a creditor is looking for a family member. Since most companies have a privacy policy that prevents them from discussing account details, I was not worried about her finding out too much information. Well, I got a text message yesterday from my mother asking me why I was 70 days behind on my accounts! Apparently, Navy Federal called again and divulged all of my information, even though she is not on the account, and is not a co-signer. (I was, however, the sponsor for her navy Federal account. That's the only connection she would have). I am downright furious at Navy Federal for calling my parent's house and providing that information, which frankly, is not her business or concern. Now she is worried, and taking it out on me. It seems there would be some law or policy that would protect me in this instance. Navy Federal called a phone number that is not mine, and discussed account details with the person who answered the phone. I searched for about an hour last night about this, and I'm only coming up with laws against debt collectors, but not the original creditor. Any help would be apprecaited!
  7. That is awesome... I don't think auto cli from Navy is so common. Congrats! I had 2 last year.
  8. Ugh... I can't believe he posted that. Hopefully I still get my credit.
  9. Since I last checked in, I paid off my balance, and I had a reported balance of $0 on January 1. I have since used the CLOC again on January 3 for $1,000 and it is still reporting $0.
  10. And those bastages will only take EQ from me in VA...and laugh if I give it to them. "A division of US Bank" Similar to what Best Buy is for Citi. Just serviced. So you definitely can't go by USB pulls. Completely separate US Bank hates me for some reason. They would not even consider me for a $300 secured card. So are you saying I shouldn't give up so quickly?
  11. Actually it will be at their request. Not if you cancel before the deadline to submit the 4506-T. That's what I did when they FR'd me earlier this year. I had until March 10th to submit the form, and I called on March 9th and requested the account be closed. My reports indicate "Closed at consumer's request."
  12. That is not what he said. "should I just send in the $99 to open the account now for just the $200 CL or should I save as much as I can between now and March to have a larger CL." He has until March to send in his deposit and he wanted to know it is worth saving for a higher CL.
  13. When you are approved for the card, Capital One will give you a date to have the deposit paid. When I applied 5 years ago, they gave me over 3 months to pay. Therefore, bravesfan could save up between now and the deadline and make one deposit.

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