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  1. They only graduated one of my two cards
  2. SDFCU is no-credit check, but membership into the credit union requires a hard pull... which honestly, I wouldn't even lose sleep over. It's a great secured card, and it graduates after 12 months.
  3. It would make sense not charging before shipping the merchandise, because if you have an issue with the product, you will be out of the time frame to dispute the charge.
  4. I have heard of people getting back into NFCU. However, my personal paranoia says not to do this. Financial institutions change their policies all the time, and I would hate to pay back what I owed and be told they no longer remove people from the blacklist. Now, if it's low like $1,000, it's worth a try. I personally burned them for about $25k, so I will just go elsewhere. There are tons of financial institutions out there.
  5. Depending on how my rebuild goes, If I'm not able to get better offers elsewhere, I am hoping they will allow me to convert my secured card over to the Premium Cash Back+. SDFCU has mostly been good, but their online account manager leaves much to be desired.
  6. SDFCU's Premium Cash Back+ Credit Card. No annual fee, no FTF, low APR. $200 sign-up bonus with $3k spend. https://www.sdfcu.org/premium-cash-back
  7. This is disappointing, as I mainly stay at Hilton hotels. They did not charge me a credit card tax a couple weeks ago in Albuquerque. What if I want to avoid the tax, do I have to give up cash for the deposit? Why are they charging this tax with the Hilton Amex? If I ever get charged for using a credit card, I will be having some words with corporate.
  8. I got the offer last year on my Serve card, but I'm not seeing this year's offering. 😒
  9. Yuck... so basically just a lot of people with bad taste in banking.
  10. I don't understand how Wells Fargo is the third largest bank with such mediocre offerings.
  11. They asked me for feedback, and I was planning to fill it out soon. I wanted to get more experience with the mobile app before filling it out.
  12. I have something similar on my PNC account. Why even show it if you aren't going to offer anything?
  13. US Bank has some strict underwriting. If this is one of your top cards, get things cleaned up as much as possible, and apply to them first (they don't like a lot of new accounts).
  14. US Bank does graduate. I believe the credit history follows the card after it graduates. SDFCU is a good choice if you are unable to get approved for the other cards. You could even apply now, since they technically don't check your credit for the card (there is a hard pull to start membership to verify your identity).
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