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  1. ok. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
  2. ok. Here is another attempt on little simplified version of the letter I am intending to send. Can you please let me know if this would work?
  3. Thanks Jeffe. So no need to dispute the validity of the debt?
  4. Can anyone please help me with my response. I do not want the delinquent account on credit report. As I said the account has already been paid. Can anyone please help me with my response. I do not want the delinquent account on credit report. As I said the account has already been paid.
  5. Here is what I am planning to send. Can someone please critique the response I am planning to send?
  6. So, I ported out my sprint line couple of months ago but forgot to pay the final bill on the account. I received a letter from collection agency regarding the account but I have already made payment to sprint couple of days ago (when I remembered I may have balance on my account). The collection agency letter indicates that they would not submit the account to credit reporting agency withing 30 days of the letter. I can dispute the validity of the debt during that time. How should I proceed here so that it never hits my credit report. Can I just go ahead and sent I dispute please validate letter to them? Should that end this collection process and not have account reported to the credit reporting agencies? Please let me know. I appreciate any help you can provide.
  7. So, I have a similar situation. I closed my cell phone account by porting out my line but forgot to pay the last bill. I received a letter from collection agency but I have already paid my bill couple of days ago through my online account. Should I send a letter something similar to this or should I send I dispute please validate letter? I will appreciate any help you can provide.
  8. Thanks hegemony for quick response. Do I need to wait for negative to post to my CR before contacting EO?
  9. Hi All, Today I realized that I am >30 days late (2 statements past due date) on my Capital One account. The problem was that I did not use the account in a long time but my wife used the card and I did not know about that charge. I had paperless option set so I never received statement in mail. I did not check online (my bad) assuming I did not make any charge. There was no email on payment reminder from them until today (when the account was already past due). I called them immediately to make a payment a request to not report 30 day late. They waived the fee and I made the payment. The rep kept telling me they have to report it but he told he can submit dispute request to CRA. I agreed thinking it would be internal dispute to not report it. But after doing some reaseach I realize this would be dispute with CRA on my behalf and will not do any good but mostly bad (having note on credit report indicating "cutomer dispute"). What I would like to know is 1. What affect, if any, it has to have "customer dispute" against a tradeline on your credit report? 2. Do they remove the remark after the investigation is done or do I need to call in to remove that. 3. Is they anyway I can have 30 day late removed from my account (it has not posted yet but my statement will cut today, so it might hit in next few days). I will appreciate any help you can provide here.
  10. That's the thing. There was no disclosure anywhere. It was not even an application. It was checkout process. One page they call "credit form" asked for DL/SSN info (which I put wrong anyway). On that page there was not disclosure. ETA - I did not even put the order. I ended up buying phone at full price from another local retailer.
  11. So, I was in the market for new phone and I was checking out verizon wireless website yesterday for possibility of paying full price for the phone and ordering it without credit check. I started the checkout process. Put in my right name/address/dob (stupid of me) but on the credit form I put all garbage for DL and SSN. But the real kicker is, I did not order the phone in the end and I closed the browser. The credit form did not have any disclaimer on the page stating it will do credit check right at that step if I continued. But as a matter of fact I got alert today morning that I've two new inquiries (transunion and experian). Now I know that they do not need to have my correct SSN/DL information to do credit check but I did not think they would do a credit check for a line that I did not order (or open). I talked with them today morning and they seem to not find any inquires for me in their "credit pull" database. What are my options here?
  12. So, I added my wife as an authorized user on couple of my credit cards. None of them required her SSN, but yesterday we checked my wife's credit report and somehow she got all accounts reported as "Authorized user". Now my questions are 1. How did they know her SSN to report this accounts? 2. What are my options if I don't want them to report this on her credit report. 3. If I remove her as authorized user, will it remove the account from credit report? If so, are there any negatives to doing this? thank you for your help.
  13. Hi Guys I recently looked at my two credit reports EQ and EX and I was shocked looking at inquiries posted from direct tv and dish tv. I had discussed options with both of them to see if I can get the service at my apartment. They agreed to come over and try to do install. For that I had to give them my SS# and I knew something was fishy. I checked with them about the inquiry and they confirmed that they'll only do inquiry (soft) if the dish gets installed. But none of them got installed but I see inquiry from both on my credit reports. Now, what are my options? Will I be able to remove this inquiries from my record? Thank you in advance for your help.
  14. Thank you for the quick response. I've one auto loan account and about 5 credit card accounts on my history amongst them 4 of them are quite old and 1 of them was just applied. My wife has one inquiry posted to her account early this year and except that she has couple of credit cards. her score is about 765 (Transunion) at this point.
  15. Hi Guys This might be a newbie question but please be easy on me. I am just becoming little familiar with this credit game. The main question I've is, this current credit card offers are tempting me to apply for them but I know each new account will cost me with an hard pull. I know they don't impact my credit score much but it does have affect. I currently have 782 (Transunion) credit score with 1 inquiry already posted and another one will post soon. I already have one auto loan on a joint account of me and my wife. I am planning to apply for mortgage probably next year. So, should I refrain from opening new cards at this point? How much difference does it make when you are applying for mortgage. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide :-)

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