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  1. I saw an ad for this company the other night while watching tv. As usual, before I make any type of financial moves, I always come to CB to get advice. Here's their website: Astrive Student Loans Any advice????? Do you think they are legit? This is what's on their website under "About Us".... About Astrive Astrive student loans are funded by Charter One Bank, N.A., and guaranteed by The Education Resources Institute, Inc. (TERI), the nation's largest non-profit guarantor of private student loans. TERI helps families plan and pay for college and fill financial aid gap
  2. Wow...ok...details. Who did you go thru? What were your credit scores at the time?
  3. Right liverichly - we purchased for 180K, but it appraised out for 196K. I don't know current appraisal value. Question: is it better to do a heloc with current mortgage holder (Countrywide) or would it be better to do it w/my bank (Bank1/Chase)? Or does this decision depend wholly upon APR?
  4. Thank you all for your replies and advice. I think I am going to see how much equity is available, and look into a HELOC.
  5. I don't know- but it's through Countrywide.
  6. Ok - January is right around the corner. I'm trying to read up on refinancing, as I feel I don't know enough about this topic. No one told me what options I really have as far as getting my payments lowered/paying off some unsecured debt?
  7. I love CB's because it essentially gave me power over an important part of my life - finances.
  8. I was discussing this yesterday with my mate. I think basically, I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert. There are times when I can be a little bit of a social butterfly, but, for the most part - I prefer to be alone. I like the company of my immediate family, but as far as entertaining, partying, doing the social "thang"....nah, that's not me. I'm really content to stay in the confines of my house, and socialize with my family. I experience real panic attacks when I know I am going to be meeting new people for the first time. I mean, like my palms getting sweaty, stomach turnin
  9. AMEX did the exact same thing to me. I PIF, and then they reduced my credit limit. I no longer use my Blue anymore these days. I will rotate that card every other month for filling up my gas tank. That's it, and that's all. They really po'd me that time. I give AMEX too much business on a monthly basis. As far as my Gold Rewards plus, I only use it for day to day expenses. I refuse to give them more than $500 on my gold card at any given time. Reducing one's credit limit after they PIF is NOT how you reward a good customer. I carried a huge balance with BofA for at least a yea
  10. Gold Card + Amex Blue = decrease in my Blue limit. So...be careful all the way around. My gold card equaled to around 1500 on a monthly basis. Paid on time, every time. My blue credit limit was 4,500. It was roughly around at 3500K, for 4/5 months. I paid it off in full in October 2005. As soon as I paid it off, they decreased it to 1100 - where it stands now. I ignore the "credit limit increase" button which magically appeared around 2 weeks after I paid it in full. I don't wanna dance with AMEX - and I sure as he** am not asking them to dance with me. In my opini
  11. Bumping for I N F O R M A T I O N on Hybrid ARMS.... Any input? any input at all?????
  12. Radi8....wow - feels like ole times! How have you been? GeeSH, it's been ages since we talked. Tell me what's been going on with 'cha, while I read your blog... Goshdarnit...don't get all shy on me - I miss you. Tee....as usual, thanks for snapping on me...feelin the love....it's just your way. I do understand. Me thinks me is gonna return the boots...but they are sharp. <Big ole virtual hugz and kisses>
  13. Gosh, gee....uumn, I didn't know you cared! sniff, sniff, sniff. I talk to Tee all the time, and she NEVER misses me!!!!! Tee...psp misses me! Girl, I've been doing okay. Me and SO have settled into the condo, and am loving homeownership. Looking into refi soon... How have you been? Wow...a whole thread...just for little ole me!
  14. stretched without damaging the leather? I have a pair of boots that I bought from Macy's and they are a little bit too tight. Yes, I have a wide foot. Well, since being cute is not as important as being comfortable, I was in the frame of mind to return them. One of the guys that I work with, mentioned that his wife always takes her shoes to a shoemaker, and gets them to stretch them for her. Has anyone ever had this done? Will this work for boots? Will it stretch for a little while, and then return to their original size? Will it not damage the leather? It's so soft, and supp
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