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  1. In the end I excluded myself. My lower score wouldn't have mattered due to the value of the loan versus the value of the home. (it was only a third). My wifes credit union stated the underwriters couldn't place me on the loan due to my causing them a loss yeas ago. Their rate was better than Penfed and fees just about the same. We have used Penfed for the past 20 years on mortgages and they were always awesome to deal with and I like the fact they maintained their own mortgage. My wifes Credit Union maintains their own mortgages if they premium (less risk, which it is due to her excel
  2. No, just Auto Loans I might try with DCU. The three mentioned above were because they typically offered great rates and high lines of credit and were good to work with in the past.
  3. I did a chapter 7 Bankruptcy and penfed visa and LOC were included. Do they still do auto loans for people who iib on them? I know CU tend to blacklist you for causing a loss to their CU, but didn't know if they forgive/forget? Does NAVY FCU do the same? USAA?
  4. I have no other installment loans. Just 9 credit cards in good standing and only a balance on three of them all in good standing. The mortgage we had ben paying on is perfect payment history for the past 14 years. mortgage was $130K and now only $110K. It's been with PenFed but the current rate is from my wifes CU but unfortunately they won't put me on the mortgage because her credit union I had a separate account with and iib. I'm trying to figure out if I REALLY need the mortgage history to continue to build credit or not.
  5. Hi! My wife and I are refinancing our house to lock in the 2.35 rate. She has 850 score and perfect credit and makes the Mula$$ Me, I make 1/2 that, did a personal BK in 2013 scores only about 680 and only $3K in debt with several cards and perfect history for the past 5 years. We are both on the Deed. Should I bother putting myself on the mortgage with her? We are only doing a 15year and her income is sufficient to qualify so thats no worry. Would it really help the Fico score much being on it? Our previous mortgage is a flawless payment history (which we are both on)
  6. I consider a sign so didn't want to pursue it but just kind of odd you give them paystubs and W2; my stubs/income vary though so that may have been it.
  7. Didn't have to actually file a motion. Judges clerk said a letter would be sufficient. So she took care of that and adjourned the date till May. So I'll either call Portnoy and make a 25% of the balance offer or I might just pay the $200 and file for for arbitration
  8. After all that. I did the preapproval thing, (score 630 a few baddies) and Lending club asked for Paystubs, did that then they wanted W2, did that and then 3 days later come back and DENY Reason: Unable to verify income. WTH, I did the chat thing and they weren't able to expand anymore on that. Anyone ever have that happen?
  9. Well I spoke with Portnoy law firm and they agreed to have this matter set in court at a later date than the original upcoming date, as long as I filed for it... meaning I have to pay the $40 court fee to file the motion. sneaky bastar.. SO I'll file that tomorrow at the court.
  10. Hi. Last Summer I was initially served and served paper buy Schacter Portnoy for a retailers debt from 3 years ago. I asnwered the summons and waited. I eventually go the interrogatories in the Fall and again in January along with the court date in mid March. During that time I also entered into a class action for FDCPA violations through a firm in NYC. I told them last week about the upcoming date and how should I proceed but they explained they only represent the class action and I should seek counsel in my county for the court hearing. Called the Law Clerk and explained it and she stat
  11. well their auto loans are cheap; so when that time comes. Correct though, not much glamour to their card.
  12. I'm glad about the Discover, I've NEVER was able to get one in all my years.
  13. Oh Well. I have been with DCU for a few years. Have a FICO of 650 but a 2013 BK and some lates from 3 years ago plus a collection chargeoff from 1.5 years ago. Was hoping because of my use in deposits and savings plus having used their $1k quick loan successfully that I'd have a shot. Called rep and said because of past lates and collection. HE said if they could have offered lowered they would. I am sending a reconsideration to the loan officer and see if it helps to get it. Funny, Discover just gave me a $4K credit card 3 weeks ago.
  14. Hi! I made a payment on Show MasterCard by calling in. Spoke with rep gave her my debit # and made a payment. 2 days later I see payment come through with an additional 3.95 to it. There was NO disclosure during the call about a phone payment fee, NONE. I would have remembered. I spoke with a Show rep and she said sorry, it can't be reversed and she checked with her supervisor who stated after reviewing the recording they wern't able to determine if the fee was disclosed. Hmmm. It's not the fee that bothers me so much as it is the Failure to disclose. I was led to believe that the $53
  15. I know that, I'm just saying that tax filing fraud is what I'd be worried about. No way to prevent that until you've been a victim, but IRS has gotten better at catching it. I was a tax filing victim 3 years ago. Discovered when I sent in my return via TT and alerted I already filed. took 6 months for IRS to clear up.
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