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    Running, improving my credit, building new companies.
  1. Back in October, my credit score (per CreditWise via TransUnion) was at 562. My biggest dings were utilization (90-ish percent), which was mostly due to low limits (Citi $700 limit) and a card on which I was carrying a balance (Capital One w/$2k limit, balance around $1,800 at the time); a charge off, (Credit One); and a smattering of late pays. Seeing my score made me realize it was time to make some changes! I made a concerted effort to pay off the balance on the Capital One card, and have had a zero balance since late January. I also sent an email to the company with the charge off (CreditOne), pointing out some inconsistencies in their report, and kindly asking them to just remove the entry, which they did. After that, I was able to get a credit line increase on the now paid-off Cap One card to $3k. A couple of weeks ago, I applied for an Amex (I used to have a Costco Amex, but it was sold to Citi a couple of years ago), and they gave me a card with a $1k limit. All of this has pushed my CreditWise score to 689 (Experian pegged it at 672). Experian Card Match listed Discover as a card I might be able to obtain. I just applied, and was given a $12k limit! That's my highest credit card limit in my lifetime! This gives me four credit cards and an auto loan, so now I'm done applying for credit for awhile. I think I'm going to let things settle for awhile, and then see about getting an increase on my Citi limit. Citi is my go-to card because of the Costco rewards, and I PIF every two weeks.
  2. I had been making great progress in my credit journey and had a pretty good credit score. Back in 2013, I opened a CreditOne account (which I didn't need, and shouldn't have done...but they offered and I accepted). And then I lost my job. My replacement job paid more than 30% less than I had been making for the last many years, and the CreditOne card ended up being charged off. I have made a lot of financial adjustments, and am in a MUCH improved situation now. But I still have the CreditOne charge-off and the account has been sold to LVNV. The CreditOne limit was $950, but I don't really know what my true high balance was. The LVNV claim is $1317. I am able to pay the full amount. I really want to just settle this one out and get the best possible result for my credit report. I have pretty decent credit other than this. I have an auto loan with Chase, credit cards from Citi, AmEx, and Cap One. So making the CreditOne debacle go away is my big issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Has anybody had any experience with Complete Auto Loans (www.completeautoloans.com)? I've searched the Better Business Bureau and they came up blank. When I google them I get page after page after page of their press releases and self promotion. They claim to have a nearly 100% car loan approval rate. I'm very wary when I'm unable to find user comments - positive or negative - about a company. The company seems to be in Washington, but they do not appear to have a business license.
  4. I could use some advice here. In 2010 I moved out of an apartment. I gave in excess of 30 days notice, but was mid-lease (I had lived in the apartment for 2 years, 8 months and had 4 months remaining on the lease). I tried working with the apartment directly, as well as with their Mother Ship - Guardian Management who owns the apartment building. I moved out on the 10th of the month, and had paid through the end of the month. I left the apartment spotless (and they agreed to that). They kept my deposit, which I expected, as a break-lease fee. But they also wanted the next month's rent because in Washington State, leases end on the first of the month. So they claimed that in addition to my break-lease fee and my 20 days of unused rent (from when I surrendered my keys), I owed them another 30 days. I essentially told them to pound sand. I now have a collection on my credit report from an agency collecting for them. I send a DV to the CA, to which they responded with a form letter stating that they will not consider my dispute because they found it to be irrelevant. They indicate that what I'm requesting is a re-investigation, and I don't recall ever having requested an investigation in the past. As I understand, this falls under a written contract, which has a 6-year SOL in Washington. It has now been over 30 days since they received my DV letter. I am concerned that if I push them now, they will sue. I do not want that. So I am thinking of sending them a letter along the lines of: It has been more than 30 days since I requested validation of this debt. Your response baffles me. To the best of my recollection, this was my first request for validation. Please either provide validation of this debt within 7 days, or remove it from my credit report and cease all collection attempts. Does this make sense? Does anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks!
  5. I got a letter from them today. It says it's for a Crapital One card. I haven't had Crap One since ~1991. Sheesh.
  6. I was a member here years ago, and I was able to make great strides. Unfortunately, a divorce and (and subsequently paying alimony for severay years) wiped out many of the gains I made, so I'm back to rebuilding. Fortunately I'm in far better shape than I was the first time around. I'm looking forward to getting my credit score back to where I want it and hopefully learning a few new things along the way.

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