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  1. Most likely not going to be eligible, but check out this thread for details on eligibility. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=470009
  2. That Vince guy is very entertaining. Looks like he can see through the DR BS.
  3. I have only done a few pull transfers into ELFCU. I use them for the HSA account. But the ELFCU website is pretty easy to use and to set up accounts. You will need to set up your account for ACH transfers. ELFCU will do some trial deposits to verify the account. Once your accounts are verified you will be able to use ACH transfers to and from ELFCU. This will save you $30 a month and time going to use Western Union. If you need a step by step walk through to set up your accounts at ELFCU, shoot me a PM. I will set up another account and document it for you.
  4. I am pretty sure you can choose or they just put it in your main checking or savings account. I don't remember picking up a check at the branch or being mailed to me. It was a very quick process. Apply, get an approval text 2-3 days later, money in checking next day. Call them to make sure, because I reserve the right to be wrong.... Good Luck!
  5. How many shares do you own? You may be better off selling the stock and looking at some options strategies instead of taking a loan out.
  6. You can cash advance from a USAA CC to a USAA checking account with no fees (except for a few days of interest) and then balance transfer the CC. I seem to remember a limit per advance I think may be a $2000 limit per cash advance. It's been a few years though so look into this before you take my word for it.
  7. Do you have a credit card and checking account with USAA?
  8. You can do it with Bluebird for $3.95 for each $500 in your mortgage payment. However it can be a pain to find a CVS or other retailers (that accept credit cards) with VR's in stock. And as was mentioned earlier the 500 AA Miles may not be worth $3.95.
  9. I predict it will have a negative effect on new applications. So if you see anything else that appeals, now is the time... just need an EX puller I'd try amex but I just asked for another 40k CLI last week... Hege, If you haven't already joined try State Dept FCU. They pull EX. Chip and Pin. No FTF. Not so great on the rewards however. I joined after I read your thread a few years back. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=453162
  10. It looks like your credit union has some good rates! 1.49% for 60 months. I would go to your credit union and get approved before you go to a dealer. It will make your trip to the finance office much faster when you buy from the dealer. One note. Try to avoid letting the dealer sales person/sales manager know that you already have financing lined up. Sometimes they will deal a little more if they think they are getting the financing on the back end. If you can get approved through your credit union you can buy the new car first and then sell your existing car privately with no issues that I can see. Check truecar.com before you go to the dealer. It will give you some good pricing statistics for make and model in your area. (I have no affiliation with trurecar.com) One tactic I used in buying our car about 3 months ago was to email all of the Nissan dealers in my area before going in. I told them the make, model, and trim level I was looking at. Then I had them email a quote with their absolute best price. You can then take the lowest price quote and email it to the other dealers to see if they can beat it. Big time saver. Good luck!
  11. As soon as he buys an auto or property insurance policy you will be eligible for full membership. I think I checked an hour or two after my father bought insurance and I was eligible at that time. Prior to my father buying a policy I got the same message you reference above.
  12. I had the "How many people in household" question recently on an ID verification and the correct answer was the number of people which included my 5 week old son. I think they go by SSN#'s. He already has a SS card.
  13. This made me laugh! Thanks for sharing the story.
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