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  1. Hello Everyone, I have just started my own business and need some guidance on where to start on marketing my business online as well as building good credit history for the company. This is what I have so far - Web site -Tried to create business profiles on Superpages, whitepages, yellow pages but wasn't able to. -rented a virtual office to have a commercial address. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I just received a certified letter from BOA for an intent to foreclose if full past due is not recieved by April 27. This is my second loan for 79,000. I have a first with Wells fargo that was modified a year ago. I haven't been able to pay my 2nd for a year since it was sold from first franklin to BOA. My house is way under water. My loan amount is 395,000, first loan is 307,000, 2nd is 79,000. House value is 275,000. I'm very scared and don't know how to proceed if they do continue their process and send me a NOD. Can the 2nd foreclose if the first is not??? and the house value won't cover the first loan alone. I have recieved the same intent to foreclose letter about a year ago. Please advice me on what to do. If BOA does accept settlements, can I offer them 5 or 10%, my mother is willing to lend me this amt. because I cannot afford to make any payments to them.
  3. I live in NJ but work in NYC, yesterday on my way to work I was stopped at a check point and was told that my license was suspended to drive in NY as of 3/2011 because of an unanswered ticket in NY. I had no idea what is this ticket is about or recall having any tickets in NY so I called up the court some where in upstate NY about 5 hour drive from where I live and was told that there is a traffic speeding ticket on my name that was issued in 2004, I never got a ticket there and never received anything in the mail not a single letter or notice regarding this ticket, when I questioned the clerk why it took so long to report it to the motor vehicle and why I was not notified of this ticket by mail or at previous check pts she said that they had lots of issues with their computer and missed some tickets and just entered it now in 2011 that's about 7 years. I would never get a ticket and disregard it especially if it was a speeding ticket. I have a clean record since 1993 when my license was issued. So I pleaded not guilty for this ticket and paid the fee to lift the suspension temporarily till I get a court date to fight it and make sure that it is an accurate ticket and not some computer fault or error. I also called up the NY Motor vehicle and was told that this ticket was just reported in 3/2011 and that it was never reported anywhere between 2004 till now.... The ticket carries 4 pts and a fine. Any advice please.
  4. Ok my husband wants to start his own company of medical equipments and it all involves working in hospital settings. My question is what kind of insurance does he need and how much it costs? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know if credit unions do check u if u r on check systems if I'm only opening a savings acct.
  6. I'm looking for a cc that only pulls equifax.
  7. Hello everyone I'm looking to apply for a cc to do a balance transfer. My score is around mid 650, bankruptcy 8/2004. I want to transfer a balance I have with Chase 3000 at 24% that's killing me...........
  8. I received an intent to foreclose letter last month from BOA requesting us to pay the full past due by 12/6 or else they will proceed with the foreclosure process. My 1st loan is been modified, I have been delinquent on my 2nd since July 2010 it was just sold to BOA from First Franklin a month ago. My house value has dropped where it will not cover the first loan. I called BOA to inquire about a settlement and they said that they don't offer any and they only do modifications. My first loan is 335,000 and my second is 83,000 house value is around 310,000 high range. I'm scared of the letter and don't know what to do. I spoke with a bankruptcy attorney to strip the 2nd lien but he wanted an actual appraisal or a CMA done before doing anything to make sure the house value is less than the first loan. Any advise is appreciated. Thank you
  9. I'm trying to do a settlement on my second lien from BOA, I called and they said they don't do settlements. They only do modifications. I have a first with WF and is been modified, I haven't been paying on my second for 8 months and it was just purchased from First Franklin to BOA. I also received an intent to foreclose letter from BOA and don't know how to proceed. My home value has dropped dramatically to the point where it will not pay off the first loan.
  10. I was admitted in the hospital, had complete blood work done including thyroid etc.. I also had an echogram done and stress test which showed nothing wrong. Chest xray and EKG, the only tests that were not done was an MRI .
  11. mini aubre Thanks for asking, I'm the same. I just don't go out and if I feel a light panic is coming then I would pop one Klonopin and wash my face with cold water and try to relax my self. I'm still trapped at home and it feels really bad, I feel like a paralyzed person.
  12. Jim, Can I know what tests showed that you have mitrol valve of the heart? I had an echogram done and it showed nothing wrong with the heart.
  13. I went back to the doctor and he prescribed Paxil 20 mg for me and said that it should be better for anxiety, but I read horrible stories about this medicine so I'm afraid to take it.
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