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  1. We were impacted by coronavirus. Wells Fargo is offering a 90-day suspension of mortgage payments. I can't get through to them on the phone. Anyone know what 'suspension' means? Will I have to pay 3 months of mortgage when suspension is over, do these 3 months get added to end of loan, does interest accrue on it, etc? Thanks
  2. Okay. . This is a weird situation. When I was 16 years old, my mom had me open a joint checking account with her with a credit union. Somehow, the account went bad and they removed my mom from the account, but I just received a call after 4 years that I owe $3000 from the account. My question is this. Do I owe this money even though I was a minor at the time and closed the account within a month of turning 18? I never signed an application as an adult. I am in Ohio
  3. Since Scottrade was bought by Ameritrade, can I still use it for a checking/debit account? I have a brokerage account that I opened a year ago with Scottrade.
  4. Is there any secret number for Barclays approval on TU?
  5. Does anyone know which major insurers will provide a homeowner's policy without checking credit? I am having a horrible time trying to find a good rate because the companies want to check credit.
  6. Thanks! I'll take any help that I can get. Yesterday I pulled MyFico scores for my husband and his were TU 582, EQ 599, and EX 508. I haven't checked my fico scores recently, but I am getting ready to. PG scores are TU 527, EQ 554, and EX of 578. I have some disputes in progress, but we all know how that goes. I have proof that at least 3 collections should be removed. (The letters from the original creditors stating they were placed in error.) My husband is the primary wage earner making $52k per year. I make $35k per year and we have outstanding monthly debts of $800 per month. Once again, we are looking at a purchase price of about $210 to 215k. Thanks again, I appreciate the help.
  7. Hi everyone, I am interested in an FHA loan. (I don't think that I will be able to qualify for conventional because of scores.) Here's my question, the loan that I want is about $215k, the FHA limit for that area is $208k. Could I pay the difference as a down payment and if so, would that count as my 3% down or would I have to pay 3% of the 208k in addition to $7,000 difference between $215 and $208k? I was thinking that FHA would be a better option with interest rates than going sub-prime. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  8. We are looking to buy a home that is $250k. We have $50k in equity in our current home. However, we would like to put down only 5% if possible so that we have money left over for farm equipment, the house sits on 20 acres. Our scores are TU 583, EX 499, and EQ 585 for my hubby and TU 534, EX 517, and EQ 535 for me. I was off work for 5 months due to pregnancy complication April - Aug 2002, and that is when we got really behind on our bills. We have not had any lates since March of this year, and I have documentation to remove 5 collections that appear on my report. My question is whether we would be able to get approved, and a general guideline of what rates we could expect and whether that would change drastically with 10% down. I checked out some of Fannie Mae's Community Programs, and do have an extenuating circumstance to fall below their required 600 mark. Thanks so much for all your help. Edited to include the good stuff! Income $7600 Student Loans $350 mth Credit Cards $475 mth, includes a cc with $125 per month, will be paid off in March
  9. Ok, here is a little background. Sept. 19th, EQ received a dispute via CMRRR. I called them today to see what the results of the dispute were since it is well past the 30 days, and the lady told me that they never started a dispute for me in September. The last one they have is from July. Then, she offered to do a quick dispute, get the results back in 7-14 days for me. I politely declined stating that I would need to check with my mortgage broker, but I would call back as soon as I spoke with them. So, do I send the modified ITS or what? I'm a little lost since they never even started the thing. Maybe I have a chance of these people not responding within 7-14 days, but EQ can always send me a notice asking for 15 more days and they basically get off the hook then.
  10. Yep, you read that correctly. :shock: According to the CSR at TU, that I spoke with today they are not required to notify you if they reinsert negative items. I called them for an inquiry, and she said anything else I can do for you? I said, "well I wrote a letter a while back about a negative item being reinserted into my report and I haven't heard anything." CSR: "that's because we don't notify you if that happens" me: "oh, you don't, why is that? aren't you breaking the law" CSR: "no maam, we are not a credit monitoring agency, we are a credit bureau" me: "well, I am pretty sure that you are breaking the law by not notifying people of this, anyone else complain?" CSR: "no maam, anything else I can do for you?" Ok, what about the FCRA sec. 611, (a)(5)((2)? What am I missing here?
  11. I'll let you in on my little secret when I sign up for any trial membership! First off, I get a National City Visa Gift Card (it's a prepaid card that can be used most places), then I keep $5.00 on it and use it for all these trial memberships. Most places put a one dollar hold on it just to make sure it is an active account. Then, if they screw up and bill you, there isn't anything on the card to take, it will decline the purchase.
  12. contact the company that you are currently an AU on that is reporting negatively and tell them in writing, that you wish to be removed as an AU. Should help you out some, then you will only have pos TL's. And, Pryan nailed it on the AU thing! Good luck!
  13. Ok, got EQ's results back from a dispute back in September. First of all, they took 39 days to get results to me without sending a request for extension. Then, I disputed six items. They only investigated 5 of them per their own results list. They don't even mention the sixth item at all. Plus, one of the 5 they did investigate, says the item has been deleted from the credit file. BUT, the item is still in the credit file that they sent me and it is still on there. WTH is going on with this place? Should I send a PR, or another letter or some sort addressing the TL they didn't even investigate? I'm thinking that since they took over 39 days, they should not get another chance to investigate.

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