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  1. In a nutshell, I would suggest a co-applicant if you have someone that is willing to do it. The loan / lease will report to both of your credit reports and the lender will be more likely to do a 2nd loan / lease under your name exclusively once the 1st loan / lease is paid successfully. I did this with a friend who had a 495 credit score. I have her give me the monthly payment so I know it's getting paid on time. Her score is now in the mid 700's after a few negatives are now off her report so she is now ready once this first lease is completed. I'm sure the experts will chime in to never be the "co-applicant" as you can get stuck with the loan/lease and you may not be able to get the car back easily so with that said, if you have someone with good credit willing to do it for you, make sure you don't ruin that relationship and make the payments on time.
  2. lol, I was the Unicorn that asked Barclays to reopen my account and it was done but Macy's was no luck. I emailed their company a letter along with Citi to the effect that in a time when retailers are closing their brick and mortar locations, to close a long standing account with no warning was bad business. They emailed back thanking me for my comment, blah, blah, blah standard corporate mumbo jumbo but no dice when it came to reopening.
  3. Adding a card with a high limit and low to no balance is great idea. Adding a card with a Low limit that gets maxed out every so often is a bad idea. When adding an authorized user...keeping the authorized user's card so the authorized user doesn't have access to it and the account is only used for reporting purposes is an even better idea if the limit is high and the utilization is low.
  4. They wouldn’t do it for me and I caught it in less than 30 days. It was my oldest reporting trade line at 31 years and I was not happy and let them know about it.
  5. I received an alert from Equifax this morning that one of my Barclays Visa cards was closed due to inactivity. I immediately sent this email to Barclays: I just received an email alert from Equifax that my Priceline rewards Visa card was closed. I did not receive any notification from Barclays indicating this account would be closed for inactivity. Please reopen as this closure could be detrimental to my credit score as it affects my available credit and average age of accounts. I will be happy to use the card.Thank you. Received a message back that they reopened the account and the card will be available for use within 24 hours. Unlike the issuer of my Macy's card that closed my oldest reporting trade-in...I am very pleased at Barclays decision and quick action.
  6. About 3.5 years ago, I had one car loan reporting that was paid and two others that were paid years before and my score dropped 18 points after the last payment was reported. At that point, I had no active car loans or leases reporting. It took about 6 months to regain those 18 points. Interestingly enough...A few years later I had 2 active car leases and cosigned for a friend on their auto lease. When the 3rd car reported, there was no drop in score even though a new inquiry reported and the 3rd lease reported. When one of my 2 car leases was reported paid, there was also no drop in score. I replaced that lease this month with a new car lease and again, no drop in score even with an inquiry and the new lease reporting. I think the fact that having at least one active car loan or lease going at any one time will keep your score intact but having no loan or lease reporting will drop your score temporarily. I'm sure the fact that my revolving credit card balances were less than 1% of my available credit also helped. I also believe If you have very few revolving accounts or low credit lines on those revolving accounts, the installment loans will have a bigger impact on your score than if you have many revolving accounts with larger credit lines.
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    GM Financial

  8. I think Amex is over rated. I have cards that give better rewards with no annual fee. The one reason I liked amex in the past was that your available credit is immediate upon online payment. Other cards used to take a day or two after payment. Today, it's a day max on most cards and Citi is immediate as well. When I read about the surprise freezes until you provide proof of income (months after the card was approved and payments have been current) it really makes me wonder why Amex is so sought after. I don't see any redeeming factors and as far as "prestige". As long as my scores remain in the 800's I couldn't care less about prestige.
  9. I had a similar situation. My credit was excellent in the 800’s and my friend had a 495 credit score. I explained to the credit manager that I will be responsible for the payment but I wanted my friend first on the lease to help rebuild her credit and for the insurance to be in her name. They had to call in to get the approval but it was approved. I’m thinking either your dealership didn’t follow through high enough up the food chain with Chase or perhaps Chase is more stringent than Honda Financial.
  10. Have you looked at the finance rate Toyota offers on new cars vs the finance rate on a used car? Sometimes the monthly payment is very close due to the interest rate difference between new and used. It's worth checking to see if there are any 0% offers on new vs the 3.9% offer on used combined with the new car warranty vs used car maintenance cost. An $85,000 new vehicle can be slightly more than a $70,000 used vehicle when all things are considered.
  11. Honda pulled Trans Union in Southern NJ so I would think it would be the same in Delaware.
  12. I financed a car last year and the finance person at the car dealer butchered the name of my employer when they typed it in. Now when I pull my credit report, that spelling now appears right above the correct spelling where it lists previous employers. Most likely, that's how the wrong employer got there in the first place. During an application for credit the person entering the info, could have been looking at another application while typing the info from the correct application and bingo...the wrong employer showed up. As far as "constipated woman"...that's hilarious.
  13. A little late in answering this, but based on my own personal experience in December of 2017, I had a situation where a close friend who had a score less than 500 wanted to lease a new Honda Civic. I offered to be a co-applicant. My score was 895 out of 900 at the time. I explained to the credit manager at the dealership that I wanted my friend to be the primary applicant but wanted the approval based off of my score. He ran both of our credit and then had to get a manual approval from Honda credit but it worked.
  14. I would have suggested to this couple that they check for malware on their computer. A keyboard logger could be picking up their information either via their computer and/or websites that have been injected with a script. There was a script that went undiscovered for 6 months last year that had infected over 8000 legitimate websites that picked up credit card information AS IT WAS BEING TYPED IN to the form before it was even sent through the credit card gateway. Fortunately, this script was discovered before it did even more damage in late 2018.
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    Square dispute

    The trainer is foolish. When there is a chargeback to a merchant, there is also a chargeback fee much like when a check bounces, there is a fee. It's usually at least $25 plus the amount of the chargeback. In this case it is two disputed charges, so now he is going to lose at least $50 plus the $2400. If he is going to try scamming Square and not have the money in the account when the chargeback hits, then he is in for a rude awakening. Square will shut him down and he won't be able to to accept further charges and his bank will most likely give him a charge for being overdrawn and he will get a black mark for that. You should be made whole though as it sounds like he manually typed in your card info rather than swiped it.

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