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  1. I'm not sure why some people are seeing the full credit limit restored and others are not. It's been 3 days since the payment cleared my bank but still not restored. It's not a big deal for me either, but details like this can make a difference. Citi makes the credit available immediately and so does Amex but other cards usually take a day or two.
  2. Just curious, for those that have made a payment on your Apple Card balance...How long before the available credit is updated.?
  3. Here's another feature of the Apple Card that hasn't been given any attention. Not only are you able to use the account via Apple Pay immediately upon approval and acceptance vs waiting for the card to arrive, but if the card is compromised, lost or stolen you can immediately shut it down, order another card and change the card number all from within the wallet app.
  4. It is unusual for most banks in 2019 to not do a personal credit check with a Social Security number required for a small business even if Incorporated with 3/m in annual sales. There are a few exceptions such as Sam's Club and at one point BJ's Mastercard but I think that ship has sailed a few years ago. If your friend's personal credit is strong as in multiple credit cards with $20,000 and up credit lines. I would think they would start the business card at $35,000 to $50,000 based on 3m/year in sales. If your friend found a bank that is going solely on business sales and no personal credit pull, they will probably check the business credit reports. If there are high lines already reporting, then a minimum of $50,000 would be a good starting point. Most business banks that issue business credit cards will want financial statements / tax returns for anything over $100,000 regardless of sales / personal guarantee or solely relying on business sales figures so don't expect anything over $100,000 to start with unless your friend is willing to submit the docs asked for.
  5. I just received the physical card today via UPS 2nd day. It took exactly 1 week to arrive. It's deft the sharpest and cleanest card design of all cards out there. I will probably not use it because of the rewards being 1% vs 2% if you use Apple Pay but it's a nice conversation piece. lol
  6. None of these balances are monumentally large so unless you can't work, I wouldn't even consider bk or debt consolidation at this point. I would forget about the pay cash for everything at this point...not until you pay off your cards. Based on your budget, Look at every recurring necessity you have on a monthly basis that you can charge on your cards and pay at least the highest interest card in full, then charge it back up every month with the things you would have paid cash for anyway. Then do the same thing monthly. This tactic will save you the interest charges since you are paying in full and won't get you deeper in debt. Most importantly, it will keep your credit in tact. Get the part time job and chip away at the other cards. Pay off the highest interest cards first. Within a year, you will be debt free.
  7. If you have an Apple Watch, it needs to be on the latest version of the firmware for the Apple Card to work on it and the original Apple Watch is not compatible with the Apple Credit Card.
  8. I think you meant to say, you used your work iPhone to apply (which you hate). Not sure why some phone owners need to make it a competition. I have both Android and iPhones and found that I like iPhones better as I like how they work together using Apple's Ecosystem. I like some things about Android but I'm not knocking one or the other. Most people get used to what they have been using and have a tough time switching to something that works slightly different. That's just human nature. But this is a credit forum, not an iPhone vs Android forum, so... Give it time. Google will come out with a Visa card that does the same thing or tries to do the same thing with Android. There are some interesting features about the Apple Credit Card that I have not seen on other cards. The big one is that within the app, you can change your credit card number in real time if your card number has been compromised. I have also seen that people with relatively new credit or minimal credit with lower scores are getting approved. It may only be a $250 or $500 starting line but it gives them a foot in the door while at the same time not getting screwed with high fees the way subprime cards work. This is going to be big with the younger audience that are new to credit and will potentially be customers for 60 years or more. Also, the fact that you can message Customer Service within the app for questions about your account is very convenient.
  9. Following up...I used the Apple Card account today to buy an app. Was approved with no issues. No email from Apple or Goldman so I think if you lock your TransUnion account immediately after approval which is a soft pull, there will be no reperucussions when the hard pull is denied.
  10. Here is the link in Reddit regarding locking your credit report immediately after approval and placing the card in your Apple Wallet. https://www.reddit.com/r/AppleCard/comments/cnyqze/approved_without_a_hard_inquiry/
  11. I unlocked my TransUnion credit file and applied for the Apple Credit Card. I was approved and the virtual card shows up in the Wallet on my iPhone. I immediately locked my TransUnion Credit File. No inquiry has shown up on TransUnion. While perusing MyFico, someone mentioned that they read on Reddit, that the hard inquiry is delayed by a couple of hours so if you lock your TransUnion report immediately after approval, no Hard Inquiry is made. Has anyone else that was approved done this and were there any issues after the fact?
  12. No problems. In fact, your credit score will shoot through the roof when all of your balances are paid down. Just leave a $2 balance on one card to obtain your highest score. You may also get some automatic credit line increases. I did this and my credit went from the high 600's to the low 800's within a few months. I didn't have any lates though so not sure you will get into the 800's right away. As the 30 day lates age, you will see score increases too.
  13. I agree, my cell phone would be ringing before the ink was dry on the signature line. The bank would be asking if I just made a charge for $5,060 at a cafe and I would be like "is this a joke?"
  14. Not to change the subject regarding the credit card, but Assuming the deal goes through in the first half of 2020 as planned, Eldorado is going to do business as Caesars as it has broader name recognition.

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