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  1. It almost happened to me last month! They were so friendly and things moved along fast and efficiently and they were helpful. I thought I had done great research and I was happy about going back to complete my degree on line. The only tiny thing that nagged at me was that everyone I spoke to sounded 13 yr old. I wondered why there were no older staff members and worried about high turn over. Sure enough, once I search for negative information I was shocked. They have a horrendous reputation as a financial aid mill, designed to teach nothing and saddled suckers like me with endless debt. I searched for their withdrawal policy and it was very exacting and designed to trip the student. Withdrawals only by written request mailed or faxed to both the Director of Admission and the Registrar. After hours of searching, I realized they have no DIRECTOR of Admissions, only ASSISTANT Directors. If written request is not received within first two weeks of class, you owe 25% of the overpriced tuition. And I doubt anyone will return your calls in those first two weeks. Also, they do very little in by email. Most communication is verbal, so there is no paper trail. And it goes on... I was soooo grateful to see those complaints. I wrote a blistering legal statement of intent confirming that I had only inquired and never signed nor authorized any charges, enrollment or other fees to be assigned to me. I informed them that I was sending a copy of the letter to the Attorney General's office, in the event I was unable to identify the DIRECTOR. I'm convinced I dodged a huge bullet. I believe there is enough information out there for you to build a strong case against them with the Atty Gen and/or the Better Business Bureau. But you will need to be shrewd. They've clearly been operating this way for a very long time. Good Luck!
  2. Jen- What pen and pencil method/worksheet do you use to organize your bill pay and your repair track?

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