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  1. I thought you are already a part of NFCU ? Not sure how you could forget that since it's in your siggy. still weeding them out I see You know me. smells like crap, looks like crap , well it's usually crap . good job rofl
  2. I thought you are already a part of NFCU ? Not sure how you could forget that since it's in your siggy. still weeding them out I see
  3. over 50$ under 3 million . the economy is a killer
  4. after a certain number , it is always manual review ... haven't been at the # for a while , but I will take a guess anything higher then 20k
  5. What brought you out of the woodwork Long time no see Hi George , always around just don't see much worth posting about lately .
  6. Chase s reviewing accounts like crazy right now don't give them a reason to cut your limits . on the other hand I have done a 5 into 1 years ago .
  7. is this really what credit boards has become ???? no wonder my days here are so few and far between . ( refering to OP'S COMMENTS )
  8. thanks all , I have just been so busy lately. trev throw me some of those 6 months offers if you remember .
  9. looking for a card with 0% for 12 months or 3.99% for life that will give me a 20k or over limit thanks ( Gator))
  10. penfed is one of the best , I always picked up the phone when either of my cards needed a bigger line also be sure to use the 2.99 bt for life if you need it won't find a better bt out there .,,,,,
  11. Chase loves history period , I have carried balances over 39k for months at a time and never had a problem or a rate jack . for those that have I am sorry ,but it doesn't happen to everyone .......
  12. For those who don't recognize it, this is hyperbole. lets hope it was recognized by all with a sense of humor ...
  13. buy a 10mm glock , go to uncle's shack , solve problem ............
  14. citi is also 5.9 fixed on reward cards such as shell mastercard ......
  15. I missed signing up for the profanity removed dammit !!!!!!!!

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