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  1. I know Cap One has been a topic for the past week or so. My CO was deleted the past couple days from both TU and EQ, my situation has not been like the others that I have seen. No app for a new card but I did use their prequal site last week and had 2 offers. More info: CO was from 2010 and sold to Portfolio around 2012/2013. Hoping someone else with a CO from cap one tests the prequal site and posts up their results. Hoping to see it gone from EX soon. Good luck
  2. Congrats on the major accomplishment.
  3. So many years = ? Kind of important information you left out.
  4. I wonder if Ron has a Toro MC...
  5. And then what do you do with the OC? If it's been sold, a pay for delete might get the CA off, but not the OC. The OC (Doctor's office) will not be on her reports. Paying the OC has worked every single time for me and usually within 30 days the CA is gone. Good luck!
  6. I thought Visa signature cards were a minimum of $5K? Please elaborate.
  7. You really need to do whatever it takes to make extra payment to the OC and get this paid as quick as possible. Tax return or a part time job would really do wonders. Good luck to you.
  8. Thanks Mendel, I just read the whole darn thing!
  9. Beauracracy at its finest! The judgement is probably already inflated, then the county actually doubles the amount you will be paying? Am I understanding this correctly? What state?
  10. "LexisNexis is able to effect security freezes only in the states of Delaware, Maine, Minnesota, and New Jersey." The above is from an email from them last week...
  11. Did you mean opt out when you stated freeze in the quote above? Everything I have encountered with LN so far, is that a freeze and opting out are completely different. Thanks again....
  12. Hey Ninja, are we sure that opt out and freeze are the same?

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