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  1. Never say never, I stopped by because I got a zombie dunning letter and had to send a DV today.
  2. I do not have an SUV opinion. I just wanted to let you know I'm terribly sorry for your loss. Congrats on taking charge of the situation.
  3. Congrats! Nice use of reconsideration requests. It is nice to realize you have the option and aren't just at the computer's mercy. Thanks for updating the CP, it was a big help to me too.
  4. If George R. R. Martin wrote a 9 million book series of novels about ding-a-ling's, there would be much more grease running out of the bag.
  5. I wish anything original was still in here. They redid the kitchen and bath in the late 70s. You can pretty much imagine the choices. I'm super curious about what the original kitchen was like. In the county photographs there is a chimney in the kitchen. I think there was a wood stove for cooking and heating. There has never been ductwork in the house.
  6. I somehow managed to make it through without becoming too crazed about applying for cards. Credit unions are another story. I just applied for a new one. It's the third in six months.
  7. I went from $600 to $3500 within 3 weeks of getting the card. I would ride amazon CLI train as much as I could then transfer is you could then close. Thanks. I'll have to remember to order something with it soon.
  8. Most people have never eaten a bag of ding-a-ling's.
  9. Amazon Store. I never use it because I have others that pay 5% back. It is already trying to close itself. It was CLD to an amount ending in 24. Should I use it, request a CLI, and then close it?
  10. It doesn't matter if it was called b* or bumpage or Susan or Omaha. There is no word that can be used to describe it while immediately conveying its entire meaning. People asking "What is b*" was no more or less common or annoying than if it were always "What is Omaha?"
  11. I have one HYC account that I use the sucky debit card once a month at one location only and other than that it never leaves the house or gets used. HYC have hoops to jump through, but we do what we do. I shred up any debit cards linked to other accounts immediately, or if it's a choice just opt out of it and of course paper checks too.
  12. Congrats everyone! The year started out with Penfed offers. Travel Amex $15K -> $30K Then I started to become very curious if I was blacklisted, so I applied. BOA Alaska Airlines instant approval $10K.
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