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  1. Personally, I would report your own post and in the explanation field, request it to be moved to the Medical section of the forum. Follow whatever Why Chat says about preventing its reporting as a paid collection or deleting it if it does.
  2. These lists tend towards speedy obsolescence. I was able to google up a few of them but can spot some old info even in the articles from a few months ago.
  3. I used to want that JCB card but I never got around to sending in the paper application before they took them all away. Any good oddballs these days?
  4. I got the email too. I realize it's gone out of fashion somewhat, but I still like Penfed.
  5. Did you just settle these now, in 2022? The 1099 will probably come in early 2023, and you will report the income on your return for tax year 2022, which will be due in 2023.
  6. First one I can recall. I have had the card for a few years.
  7. Also, PSECU announced they are eliminating NSF fees.
  8. Auto CLI on Chase Amazon Visa. 15,000 -> 21,500 Perhaps that is my cue to downgrade the CSP and get another sign up bonus. I have had it 4.5 years.
  9. I agree, close them. You can now get some better cards instead.
  10. It looks like this was discussed in this thread a few years back, but I'm late to the party and just noticing the chaos over what they are referring to as "Early Exclusion." A bunch of people are getting confused when they contact the CRA to request this, and the CRA then enters a dispute for them. That sounds like a dispute to me too. In a pinned topic, an admin explains that while the forum isn't a fan of disputing with CRAs in general, requesting "Early Exclusion" is different because it's like asking for goodwill from the CRA.
  11. Wow, they sure do don't they. I'm surprised they don't get into some kind of hot water with the CRAs over this.
  12. For an option with no annual fee, I believe you can select ground transportation as one of your 5% categories for the USBank Cash+.
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