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  1. Listen to these guys Lates are hard to get off. Not saying it can't be done but in your case, it may be a challenge. If you came to CB you are using your best resources. There's nothing you cant do for yourself that an agency can't do for you. You just spend more with them.
  2. That was might thought. They may be canceling their side of the collection and just selling it off to a CA. How long ago did you get the letter? This could be residual from when they said they were getting rid of their personal credit lines.
  3. Sounds like it will show as on time. You'll have to get an updated report to verify.
  4. Do your Chase or barclays not offer rewards? B of A offers a decent cash rewards card. So does Amex and Citi. Don't fear the denials. Inquiries don't hurt like they used to. Just apply for a couple and see what happens.
  5. Sounds like your goals are in place. The COs are probably hurting the most. You may have some luck with goodwill letters if this was medical related. Use your cards and PIF each month if you can. You will need to build credit back. You may want to keep a small balance on one card for reporting. Also try to join a credit union as they can be more forgiving with loans and credit cards. Sometimes you just have to play the waiting game.
  6. How much longer do you have 0% on that PayPal card?
  7. Each bank will be different. It just depends on how they view your history as a whole. After a few months of positive trade line with Amex, chase my be more forgiving.
  8. Looks like he got the Amex. The other reason I suggested Chase is because they look at the number of inquiries in a given time. Didn't know if he had other inquiries that would hinder him.
  9. Why not apply for both? I'd go with Chase first since you my be on Amex BL.
  10. I concur with the others. From personal experience I had 6 latest on my reports and was approved for financing on 2 vehicles.
  11. This If you get the right cards you can land some with low intro APRs. Takes the sting out of paying more for your vacation than you need to and earn points for your next vacation
  12. I have one last baddie on my CR - less than $500. It's from a local company. I disputed the account half arsed a couple of years ago and they sent me a PFD letter. Going through other disputes last month, they sent me another letter (didn't dispute them but I think they sent it anyways because of credit activity). Question is should I fight it the proper way, let it age off in 4 years or just pay it. It hasn't hurt me as I've gotten cards and 2 auto loans since. Thoughts?
  13. From experience, I've never had it happen. Also haven't known anyone it's happened to with the exception of synchrony for non usage. Not saying it hasn't just not in my circle.
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