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  1. Well. Got a letter back from one of the CAs. They "verified" the account by sending a stock letter with the OC name, service date and amount owed. The letter verbally stated that the amount owed was verified, no other information was. This account will fall of in January. Should I just let it go or keep on pursuing? Obviously the letter sent was not a true form of verification.
  2. I guess in the long run it would depend on how much you save in interest vs. the fee. But if you don't need it then it wouldn't matter.
  3. Call the CC issuer and see how they handle the transaction. It may be how they process Gap insurance and not how it was run.
  4. They auto cli me when I pay off the card after a big balance. Only 2 times in the last 8 years but I'll live. I just did a balance transfer and will have it paid off before the end of the term so we'll see.
  5. Got my 10000 point from my NFCU card since I spend $1000 in the first 90 days.
  6. Thanks WhyChat. EQ sent me verification of the accounts yesterday. So I will be sending of letters this weekend.
  7. For those with this card, how often do you get balance transfer opportunities? Has it only been on the initial activation or do they offer them periodically?
  8. Didn't know about the streaming deal but I pulled the trigger on it.
  9. 2 things I will ask 1 - do you have other debt that could benefit from being paid down? Paying off other debt like credit cards will help your score more. 2 - have you valued your current car? Used cars are going for a premium nowadays so you may have a good resell and use the 10k for an additional down payment. It probably won't hurt your score but may no improve it as much until it's paid off. At least in my experience.
  10. Adding to this with a bit of an update-- I havent sent out the dispute yet. I intend to do that this week. EQ is coming up on their 30 day mark (5/21). I haven't gotten any notification from them or the CA. However, I did get an email that my dispute was resolved as of 5/12. I just checked the EQ website (generic credit report site) and show that it was closed but no other updates. The 4 collections that I disputed showed an update on April 28th (a week after they received the disputes) but the main report shows that it was updated on May 7th. Should I go ahead and send
  11. I've had the card for 8 years and only got one auto CLI. I carried a balance on it for a bit and paid it off slowly. Paid off a couple of other cards and got auto CLIs from them so I figured what the heck.
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