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  1. Get used to it with your now bruised AAOA. Seriously, how does a comment like this help the OP now?
  2. The damage was done upon application/opening. Now they are closed, so you have all of the damage and none of the positive effects. Well, with the reason Comenity gave the OP in post numero uno. They were about to shut him down anyways. Good thing he closed them before they started to close the cards for him and mark his accounts as 'closed by creditor' or whatever they label it nowadays.
  3. TXDatN

    Cash is King

    you think your fancy pieces of paper will be fungible? What fancy pieces of paper are you referring to? I am simply asking what happens when the credit card machine goes down.
  4. TXDatN

    Cash is King

    What happens when the power goes down and that lil credit card machine doesn't work?
  5. I believe they are referring to the score model as in.... Your score is 530, between a range of 450 - 950. Which is not the usual top score of 850.
  6. I was reading through the posts on this thread. Noticed the dates of the posts. As I got to page 3, I noticed there was only 7 pages total in this thread. I started to have a feeling... Yup. Thread bumpage by Hege...
  7. So since you can't bash them on MF, you post here on CB so you can bash'em here instead. Got it.
  8. TXDatN

    Wayfair- SCT

    There's certainly nothing positive about applying for crap credit. Sigh...
  9. TXDatN

    Wayfair- SCT

    Wow, so much negativity detected in here.
  10. I thought PenFed does a soft pull or check on CRs to offer quarterly offers. It's odd that they would decide on offers based on my CRs when I joined 5 years ago.
  11. I believe the term is "cross-collateralization" if I am not mistaken. Most CUs do this for loan products.
  12. Split file maybe? I don't have the full info on it, but do a search about merging a split file.
  13. This is good info to know. I currently have only a savings account with SDFCU. SDFCU denied me on opening a checking account. I just opened a BOA Core checking account, and savings account instantly online a few days ago with no problems. Even got my debit card just yesterday. I had a BOA checking account in the past that I closed out, so I don't know if that helped me or not. But I'll take it easy on my new checking account before I start doing direct deposit.
  14. I have been out of the credit forum for awhile, and would like a bit of help. I'm helping out my sister on a collection account. Unfortunately, she received letters from a CA and ignored it because she knew they had the wrong person. This is for 3 checks that someone wrote to a casino it looks like, and just by looking at that she knew without a doubt it was not her. Well of course its on her CRs now and she wants it gone. I sent a TX DV to the CA last week, and I got the copies of the bad checks. The name is the same as my sister but the address on the check is definitely not hers. The address on the check shows the address to an apartment complex that my sister once lived in, but in a different apartment number then the one listed on the check. Also she lived in that apartment complex back in 1998 or so for only a couple of years, the dates on the check are dated in 2007. The signature on the check is definitely not hers. Checks are for a Cap One account, but she never had a Cap One bank account. She did have a Cap One CC back then, but no longer have that card. Do I file a dispute with the CRAs saying the CA is reporting on the wrong person and request it to be removed? Or do I send a follow up to the CA saying they have the wrong person? I'm just needing a bit of guidance on where to go from here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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