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  1. Yeah sure. Let me know what to do.
  2. Ok, made me go look. 12-13 Kohl's 1-14 Care credit 12-14 Macy's 1-15 Chase Freedom 5-15 GM Buy Power 8-15 CSP With a SIG Loan on 7-15
  3. You say 5 new accounts how many were credit cards? The current word is chase is not approving people with 5 new credit cards opened with in the last 24 months. I'm looking to get a CSP in next month so I hope the 5/24 limit is hocum. Two store cards and two CC's one loan.
  4. I just got the CSP a week ago. Within the last 6 mos I also received Freedom, GM Buy Power (which I regret), and a personal loan. I had 8 inquiries and within the last year five new accounts.
  5. One thing that really helped me was that a lot of them were old. My main tactics: TFC 392 disputes removed a lot of them. I would ask for validation using TFC 392 and they would just go away. The HIPAA process worked on 99% of my med accounts, first round success. I used Why Chats repo letter. worked on EQ...this gave me a decent sore and I was able to get a decent limit CC from Navy. This helped my score a lot. At 6 months out I had a lot of success with TU using obsolete. Was able to get a Barclay card with a decent limit, after recon. I had a verizon collection, everything I read about them said they are hard to deal with. I finally called them and by the end of the call they were removing the t/l from my report. They had sold it and were still showing an amount owed. The people they sold it to are not on my report. I called them to see if I could settle, they had no record of it. SO I guess that was lucky. I did do some pay for deletes and good will letters. Direct disputes with the CRA worked on some too. I just kept hitting the t/l form both sides. I do plan on getting the other two off my reports.
  6. Back in 2010 I had a FICO of 459. Wasn't sure what to do, thankfully I found this site. I had 30+ negative accounts, I had everything but a foreclosure. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who contribute and let everyone that is rebuilding know that it may take time, but you can do it! Me, wife, and 4 kids were in a 1000 sgft 3/1 shack. Now we will be able to have some room in our 2900 sqft 5 / 2.5 home! Current stats: EX 686 EQ 612 TU 680 Still have one med CA and one utility charge off on reports.

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