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  1. congrats! I'n the same situation where I made a settlement years ago (before CB...so stupid) and am having trouble getting rid of these tradelines which are hurting my score and report. Tried DV and 623 methods to no luck..thinking of trying the goodwill letter router. Any pointers or suggestions on what to include in the goodwill letter?
  2. bump for the night crew..any other suggestions? Thanks!
  3. I made no contact with them until May to notify them of their violation. Figured I would give them another 15-30 days in case there was an issue. Was that a bad move?
  4. Hi CB, I sent a blanket dispute to the CRA's and didn't receive anything back from EQ after 45 days. I then sent a letter to them stating they are in violation of the FCRA and must delete the listed disputed accounts. They then sent a letter stating they will need two copies of my ID to proceed with the investigation. I sent the requested identification and they returned with a completed investigation report that my address was verified. I am totally outraged at this point. I never requested a verification or dispute of my address. It sounds like they are playing games and trying to hide/avoid the fact that they are in violation of the FCRA. Is the next step to send an ITS letter? I've listed the dates and actions below and have copies of all letters sent and received with the CMRR receipts. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!! 1/24 - blanket dispute letter to EQ 5/9 - Letter to EQ stating they are in violation of FCRA and must delete the disputed accounts 5/18 - Letter from EQ to send copy of ID's to proceed with investigation 6/7 - letter from EQ stating investigation is complete and my address is confirmed
  5. Hey everyone, I've recently started my credit repair journey and these forums are truly an amazing resource. Have a few questions about the DV process and would appreciate any advice or information to help me keep going. So, I sent out a dispute letter (in the form of a jack attack) to the 3 Credit Bureaus and received the results from TU and EXP, but not Equifax. It's been 60+ days and I still have not received anything. I sent the letters CMRR and have the receipt. Do I need to send a follow-up letter to Equifax or are they now legally bound to remove the disputed accounts from my report? Have a similar situation with a Collection Agency. I sent a debt validation letter (CMRR) and after 60 days, I have still not received anything back. Do I send a follow up letter or even give them a call?
  6. thax

    1-2 punch question

    bump for the night crew. Could really use some advice. Thanks!
  7. Hi CB, Just wanted to start off by praising the board for the information and resources available here. Started my credit repair journey recently am looking forward to the day where I have a respectable credit score! I recently received the results of a JA letter from TU. Got 2 baddies deleted but the rest were noted with “new information.” 2 are a charge off from the OC and the CA that bought the debt. TU updated the CA TL with “Acct info disputed by consumer.” I understand my next step should be a validation letter directly to the CA. Should I then send another dispute letter to the CRA’s (1 -2 punch?) Or will that not be necessary or be a bad move with the TL listing the info already being disputed? What exactly does that mean? A little confused here; any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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