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  1. DW has a family health plan so she got a letter from a collection agency for my daughter who had visited the doctor and paid the co-pay ($15.00) in cash at the doctors office (Feb 2011).... we don't have the receipt from the doctors office but we always make the co-pay. Anyway my wife had called the doctors office 3 previous times concerning this bill we kept getting from the doctors office for $15 for that particular visit and spoke with the billing manager because DW was concerned the doctors records were showing an outstanding balance but the billing manager said to ignore the letter and th
  2. My dispute was with old accounts that were written off in 1999,which I figured were old enough to dispute but I was wrong. I did manage to get 3 items off but the other 5 got updated as of the dispute date which caught me by surprise. I will check that section out today and see what other options I may have. Thanks
  3. I think what has happened to me is that I requested removal and when they didn't get removed they got updated. I think the "updating" crushed my score? Should I continue to request removal every 30 days,is that legal?Within my rights?Or should I give it a break for a few month's? I just found this yesterday while reading posts on "creditnet" and couldn't believe that there was another one also? I tried to post on the other board but I never got a confirmation e-mail to verify?Oh well.
  4. I have thought about the secured cards but I need to know which ones are the better companies.It doesn't look like there is a whole lot of them? Many years ago I got one through capitol one but they don't have them no more.
  5. What does "bump" mean? I have seen this but don't know what it means?
  6. I'm sorry for the log post but I have a complicated situation and it's very frustrating to have info that's not being reported correctly. I have owned my house for 7 years,when I bought it my credit was excellent. I got a great rate at the time.Well I have fallen from grace since then and I am trying to get back to the good o days.Anyway my scores are TU=497 EX=527 EQUIFAX=539.I refinanced a year ago and paid off the delinquint accounts and yes some of them were Collection companies.Well here I am a year later with a credit report that's worst score wise than a year ago before I paid o
  7. Sorry this was a duplicate of the other one.
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