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  1. thanks everyone! whats CPDB?
  2. Any recommendations on the best one to apply for with a credit score in the low 600s? Thanks in advance!
  3. what other accounts do you have open with your business credit? just fyi you can call and change it to revolving...when i had mine i bought an item or 2 and paid it off and once the payment posted i requested for them to change it to revolving...they did so without issue...
  4. yes to all...been in business since 2009...about 100 customers so far...
  5. Question, Ive been searching and hopefully i can get this answered. I have my business of course, and I want to start offering net 30s to my customers, but i would like to report it to experian, and DnB. I know it will probably cost but i cant find the information anywhere...Can yall assist? Thanks in advance!!!
  6. is it too early for you to apply for the bjs mastercard?
  7. correction...i dont have any cards with comenity on my old profile...i was thinking of synchrony...do you have to get the membership with bjs like costco before applying?
  8. I requested one a while back...im still waiting on it...
  9. I want to apply but my first credit profile has a few late pays/deliquent accounts with Sam's (comenity) and Amazon, but has the longevity (established since 2009). I just build a new credit profile, but not sure should I use the old or new profile? I want to jump on this train while it's running...suggestions?
  10. but the address needs to be the same on everything correct? like the llc, dba, tax id? or do they just do a 411 verification only now? i remember when i got my sams business credit account, the only verification they did was call me to make sure it was a business line and that i picked up. i think amazon did the same thing.
  11. question...i remember when i created my first credit profile, all of your addresses had to match up (llc, tax id, dnb). is this not the case anymore? the reason im asking is because im starting a new credit profile and needing to get a virtual mailbox because i didnt think i could use the same address as my last credit profile. Can someone assist me with this question? Thanks in advance!
  12. I have a question. I'm in the process of building a new business credit profile. Can I use the same address as my previous profile or do I need a new address?

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