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  1. Thank you. Any advice on where to quickly com eup to speed? So far I'm waiting on lawyers to call back. I'm debating paying the hospital directly (can only do so online but it will document with the correct account number or attempt to send in a money order certified/return receipt) and answer the suit saying it's already paid. This would be just under $4,000. Or call the collection agency/plaintiff lawyer and work out their request for just under $2,000. Any advice on which would be easiest to remove from credit report going forward? I'm assumi
  2. I apologize. I found the court filing. It is in their system. It also says my husband was served by leaving notice with him. Does that mean just mailing it was enough? His explanation of benefits shows multiple billings from this hospital. In one he owes over 3k and one claim was denied saying he owes 25k. This suit is for under 2k. So I do not know how to determine what service they are actually billing for. It could also potentially be for one of our children, but I do not see any recent 2 year old or less services provided from them. I guess I'm off to the other for
  3. The searches on that page are all powered by Intelius which makes me feel like I'm giving them more information than they are giving me and they charge over $20 for the report. Was that the only way to look this up? I don't see a place to enter his name or the hospital name that doesn't link to the Intelius search. I can see the name of the court, correct address, correct clerk name, etc is on the "you are being sued" document that was mailed. And it is our county of residence. But I do not see how to otherwise look up if anything was filed on their end. Thank you so mu
  4. My husband received a letter with a hospital listed as the plaintiff and a lawyer and law firm listed as the plaintiff's attorney. There is no docket number or signature just the name of the Superior Court clerk typed at the bottom. The first letter arrived in the mail. A second one arrived about a week later in an envelope marked "certified mail" but no one signed for anything and there was not attached card or space for a certified mail card to be attached to the envelope. The state is NJ. Not sure how to check on the legitimacy of this. I've read that in some states like MN it is hard to kn
  5. Yes initial dispute was scent to CRAs. It was typed, not written, but on your watermarked template, with blue ink in the cursive font I have most similar to the one your mentioned (I didn't have the one you listed). And they were sent priority with tracking, I have proof of delivery, and they sent me a letter saying all was verified and they put a note by the accounts like "This item remained unchanged from our processing of your dispute in [date]" or "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act)." I was not certain if the CAs regula
  6. Thank you. This exact instruction is the one that I'm struggling with "If the accounts are verified AND you receive a response FROM THE REPORTING CA ( Collection Agency) with account details that MATCH your records, you can then pay the ORIGINAL CREDITOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER directly using the HIPAA letter insert "a", be sure to follow ALL the directions HIPAA LETTER PROGRAM" I'm not certain what exactly counts as proper verification from the CRA and the reporting CA. I know I wrote in the initial dispute letter to ..advise me as to the name
  7. Hi, I've had to use WHYCHAT's letter writing guide for medical reporting on and off for a couple of years as things pop up on our reports. I really want to thank you and everyone who contributes here, it is really such a generous service. There are some things I still have trouble understanding. Verification After writing the CRA's to dispute CA accounts, what specifically counts as proper verification? The CRA responds writing they have verified the account and don't legally owe me any more information. The CRA does list the collection agency name, their ad
  8. Thank you, just to confirm it says "If you have opted out and deleted old addresses and checked your credit reports to see if there is any change in the reporting, and there was no response to your dispute to the CA, then you need to file a complaint with the FTC and the CFPB against each CRA that has refused to delete and refused to properly investigate.", so it does not matter that the CA has responded to my dispute? And that Equifax has marked it as "Consumer disputes this account information, Collection account" Do I just write that Experian and Transunion deleted or provide a copy
  9. Sure, sorry about that. The Collection Agency is currently reporting the account as a paid collection on my husband's Equifax CRA. Here is the timeline of correspondence. Dates are as written on the letterhead. 5/2015 Date of service. Bill matches explanation of benefits. 2-5/16 Collection Agency sends bills with approximately $30 fee added on as their "collection fee". June and July of 2016 - The Collection Agency was calling my husband's cell and work frequently. Nothing was reporting on his credit report. 8/8/2016 As advised here I sent the Collection Agency the Medi
  10. No, neither. I have not filed an OCR nor am I dealing with any other kind of negative reporting. I was describing a weird fluke that seems to have happened to Equifax in March, that I have read here others have experienced as well. I wrote that "I sent the original provider, Urgent Care the courtesy letter to be sent before making a HIPAA complaint https://whychat.me/h....html#complaint(was that a mistake? should I have sent it to the CA since they are the ones reporting?) It has been 7 days since they received it. Equifax and Experian are still reporting. I am getting very discouraged an
  11. I'm really feeling at a loss as what to do with this account, we'll call it Urgent Care and is my husband's account. The collection agency is reporting a paid account and I've written about the process here. Initially CA was calling and sending a lot of letters, but not reporting to credit bureaus so I sent the medical validation/dispute/cease and desist https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html They responded with copies of the Urgent Care's invoices and patient forms. Our street name is spelled slightly wrong on the OC's invoice. They reported to 3 CRAs. I sent initial disputes to all thr
  12. As for the other collection GEM, I sent experian this https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE(as advised on first page here) with the enclosures and experian responded that they processed the disputes before and the ca verified accuracy and they won't investigate again. They recommend I contact ca directly. They go on to say I can only dispute with new information
  13. I don't remember if you advised the hippa complaint or if it was the next step on your site. It is the oc that I paid directly and when the ca kept reporting as a paid collection I sent the oc the hippa complaint and they apparently forwarded it to the ca because the ca responded. Then I sent the follow up with the letters to the CRAs included and the same day someone from the oc called asking to see their own receipt.
  14. Thank you. Any advice on the paid collection? The one on my husband's report where the health care provider most likely forwarded my hippa complaint letter to the CA?
  15. I have no idea why the person called asking for the receipt they had sent a while ago. It is the CA that is reporting it as a paid collection. The long story is I paid them (the OC aka original health care provider) over the phone with a credit card. They charged the card and mailed me both a printed receipt and an invoice showing zero due. Both that invoice, what I paid, and the EOMB from insurance matched . It was under $100. The following month the collection agency changed the unpaid collection to paid collection. I posted here realizing my mistake and as advised here I did the initi
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