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  1. I became aware of the outstanding balance when it it hit my credit reports. Same day logged in online & paid the balance, later in the day a form of goodwill letter was submitted via the customer support contact on their website. Received a canned response back that they could not/ would not remove the info. Replied back that was not acceptable for x,y,z reasons & will take this up with public utilities commission & AG's office of consumer protection. Received a call that afternoon. I had actually sent the complaint to the AG office already. Not sure if they were contacted by
  2. Just looked at one report and this is confirmed gone. Got every point back on my credit score.
  3. Got this removed. Received confirmation letter today from original creditor. Informed tradeline will be deleted across all bureaus in about a week.
  4. @iuecon99 I hear what your saying, but I think they do have incentive to do so. The likelihood of someone paying there bills has to be higher the younger the debt is. Now if they just assume everyone is trying to beat them out of their final bill & the only way they can get their attention is a charge-off that is a diff story. Even the CO requires the attention of someone who cares about their credit & someone who cares about it would likely pay it sooner. This entire bill could have been sorted by simply not shutting off ebilling for the final bill or a SINGLE PHONE CALL. The
  5. I have been so paranoid about credit. I got all my scores to between 720 -750 depending on usage. It is just ponderous why they would not send me an email notice. My login credential still worked, so it is not like I was purged from the system. Not to mention, why wouldn't they send MULTIPLE notices??
  6. No luck on goodwill via standard email. I guess I expected as much. I am taking this up with the state's consumer protection division & public utilities commission. It does not seem reasonable to me that the utility decided that final bills are snail mail when you subscribe to the ebilling service they always bug you to join or that the rep I spoke to told me I would get electronic notice even after telling her I was moving.
  7. The utility company is on my reports. I paid them directly. After seeing the charge-off i logged in online and was able to pay right away.
  8. Hi, I had another post up the other day regarding the FNB Omaha Amex. Well I decided to take them up on the pre-approval, but I pulled my credit reports today and BAM!! CO on all 3 reports for ~$50 final utility bill that never reached me. Was receiving these bills by email, but as soon as I moved & was no longer a customer they apparently stop emailing bills or notices. LOL. Hit me for ~130 points. Unbelievable. 130 Points. I just paid it today & asked utility for some help (Entergy). They said no chance. How bad is this for me? Was on my credit report in July apparently,
  9. Thanks, Matti! I appreciate the info.
  10. Hello, I have an Amex Optima via the Oasis recovery program. About 3 years of use, never late. Received a pre-approval from First National Bank of Omaha American Express product for 0% APR on purchases untill April 2014 & 0% on balance transfers untill January 2015. No annual fee. 4% balance transfer fee. Would like to use this card for the balance transfer. Will having a recovery product preclude me from getting approval? I have read this is the case, but this is the first & only unsolicited CC offer regarding AMEX that I have received in the past 3 years. Thanks for your help
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