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  1. I was laid off the same day he was (same company) I was out of work for 34 months before I finally found work. I had plenty of interviews and sent out a ton of resumes but was never given an offer for employment. He no longer wants to make an account here either. I should of known better.....
  2. Can someone delete this please. I had no idea my friend was going to act like an flowers. My apologies to everyone. I'll have him create his own account sicne I now know it's allowed.
  3. You can't open your checkbook right now and figure out how much money you will have left in three months if nothing else is coming in after?
  4. Did you not read what I wrote? I can easily fall off the grid as my address is listed at my mothers house and I have a pre-paid cell phone. I never mentioned BK once.
  5. The dental schools around here are not that great and messed up my mouth the last time I went. Good advice about the dental work. How old is your friend's daughter? If she's in college, she's old enough to figure out how to buy her own computer. She's 19. She needs this for her class and there is no way she can get it on her own Umm thanks for that? I was laid off yes.
  6. My friend has some questions and doesn't have internet access right now. I am allowing him to use my account because I'm not sure if there is some rule here with multiple accounts from the same IP. Hey guys and gals. I have some questions that I really need answered. I lost my job about three years ago and since then I have not been able to find any work. I was a 99er and was not picky in my job searching and was willing to take anything. After my last check I had to start dipping into my savings account and 401k plan. I used my credit cards during this time to get some food and pay for gas and some bills. As of today I have enough money to pay my next 2 maybe 3 credit card statements. After that I will be unable to pay any longer. I have never done a dishonest thing in my life but was curious about purchases and not paying your bill. I have around 170,000 of available credit right now and owe around 34,000. Again I know I am not going to be able to make anymore payments in about three months but things have come up and I need to use my cards. My daughter needs an expensive laptop and software for a graphic design and editing class she is taking at school (lets say around 2900-3500) I need major dental work (around 12,000) If I made these purchases knowing very well I couldn't pay the bill, can they throw me in jail? I have no real assets or property and I have a pre-paid cell phone that I can easily get the number changed on. I mean it's not like they are going to come to my house and rip my dental work out of my mouth and go to my daughters school and take her laptop from her, I'm just worried about going to jail. It's not like I'm going out and buying a ton of things I don't need just for fun. These are legit needs. Knowing I will never be able to pay them back anyway I am not worried about the long term effects this will have on my credit. Again I just don't want to get locked up and I don't want anyone coming to my Mothers house and harassing her at her age (my listed address) Thank You
  7. Thanks for all the responses. I think they are pissed at the amount of money for the purchases. He was always a thick headed person who could of easily paid for the items in cash. I think this was his last big Freedom Unlimited to the bank from beyond the grave. Glad I'm in the clear.
  8. Do you know where/how he got the merchandise? That's more of a curiosity question. It isn't your debt. Tell them to buzz off. Are you the executor of his estate? He purchased the laptop from the Apple Store and the Television from Best Buy. I still have the receipts. He left what he had to his kids even though they haven't talked for years.
  9. My Uncle has been living me with for a few years while he's been battling some illnesses. The rest of the family wanted nothing to do with him so I took him in. About six months ago he purchased me a laptop computer and a new television to thank me for everything I have done for him. Two months later he died suddenly and now I am getting calls from the credit card company wanting their money. I explained to them that he died and faxed in a death certificate per their request. I got a call earlier today from a very rude person saying that since the items were not paid off they would be sending someone over to get the items and if I did not hand them over they would contact the police and have me arrested for accepting stolen goods. I have never had anything like this happen to me. Should I hand the items over or are they just trying to bully me into paying off his debts? I am not an authorized user on any of his accounts and I just want them to leave me the hell alone.
  10. Haven't applied for any credit in the past year. Got a pre-approved letter in the mail from First National Bank of Omaha for an AMEX card applied and got the 2-4 weeks notice. Checked the status a few hours later and seen I was approved for 13,000. I know it's only a AMEX branded card but does this give me any hope of getting a real AMEX card? They were part of my BK7 discharge in 2002.
  11. Samething is happening to me. Site said I had a Macy's AMEX card with a 9856.23 balance with 234.32 due on 4/5 callled them up and the rep told me they are having major problems with the website. She confirmed I have a zero balance. I also reloaded the site when I was done with her and got another card with another balance.
  12. Yeah a prepaid credit card. I'm going to spend about 500.00 in three different places. Only problem is I won't be spending enough in one place to get the no interest for 6 months.
  13. I need to put some usage on this card since I haven't used it in 4 months. Got a promotion paper in the mail today. No interest if paid in full within 6 months on purchases over 400 (I think?) Anyway I do need a few things that will be about 500.00 but they are from different places. Think this applies to a 500.00 Vanilla Visa card? Or do you think that would be excluded?
  14. JR81

    GE Down?

    Are GE credit card sites down for anyone else? I tried logging into my Amazon, Lowes and Walmart card and keep getting some error about not being able to process my request after I put my username in and password. Been like this for a few hours now.

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