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  1. Got the same letter on my Amazon card $20k to $10K. ohh well ...
  2. Indian call centers. You can't beat US based call centers.
  3. I have read the article and there is no doubt it is 'fake news'. There is no reference to the 3 'Cs' of lending; credit history, capacity to repay and collateral. I bet that when the data is filtered on using those statistics the lending rate is the same regardless of color. Call me old fashioned but banks have the right to believe they will have their loans repaid!
  4. Old CLI $40k, asked for 80k and got 60k Biggest limit so far, started with a $500 limit 8 years ago. FICO 753
  5. Hit the love button and got a $3k cli, now $24,500. Hardly use the account but I keep it as a backup Fico 784
  6. CC Chase and PSECU. I have occasionally used PSECU balance transfer at 2.9%
  7. Sorry dont know the difference, details here> https://creditcards.chase.com/a1/freedom-unlimited
  8. I just applied and was instantly approved with a $18K limit. Very happy Psecu FICO 781
  9. I closed my Wells Fargo, 19% APR and I'm going to close Chase Amazon. I don't carry a balance but I don't want to do business with these people when other lenders (BofA for example )are far more competitive
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