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  1. the original debt is discover card I'm in the process of getting all my paper work together I swear to god that the court sent me a letter last year saying they going to cease this collection because its past the 7 year windown im in nyc I just felt i was bulled to pay and the collection agency when and obtained bogus information when i get all my paper work together i'll post step by step and let you know whats going on ... ps.. if this is to be fraudulent on behalf of the collection agency how do i go about getting back my life savings godbless dean
  2. I am in some dire need of some help i know one of my accounts has pass the sol but yet still the collection agency when ahead and placed a lien on my account the day before Christmas I was forced to make the full payment because i needed the little left for my family and my rent how do i go about suing the collection agency for collecting pass the sol any help would be greatly appreciated as i write this im moved to tears its was my savings of 7000.00 and 6700.00 was taking the Thursday before Christmas
  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters of CB I really need some help I wrote to the IRS requesting the liens be vacated due to the paid in full status they advised that there are no records showing that they filed any liens against me They advised that i should take it up with the State of New York My question is who should I write too what forms should I use any advice would be greatly appreciated I want to start the process to purchase my first home so i want to have a spotless credit inorder to qualify for a loan Tax Lien Status: Satisfied Date Filed/Reported:
  4. How did you go about having the court send you the information Right now i have 2 leins by the state thats been paid for and its still on my report what type of letter did you write Dean R
  5. Hey friends I'm back wow its been an uphill struggle for me with my credit repair if you look its almost a year now to the date and boy do i feel great as you can see from all the stuff i had on my report.. Yesterday i negotiated for my $1908 with LLR 10 to be removed from my record for the neg amt of drum roll $475.00 I immediately sent out payments in a month's time all i would have existing on my credit report is one judgment and the two tax liens that needs to be vacated by visiting the court My score in May 2010 was (FICO 501) Now my scored is 701 what a difference a year m
  6. Well here goes the IRS confirmed that there are no liens on my account that I have to take it up with the State of New York .. I was advised to got to the court house where it was filed and see exactly who filed it anyone got any suggestions Thanks dean
  7. Here goes the IRS called me today left me a voice mail to call back on monday 2nd May 2011 The message states they pulled my file and shows no liens or anything pending on my social security or any accounts thereof They say they want to talk to me to get to the bottom of this .... My question is once this is verified on Monday who can i sue for placing this on my record what are the procedures its been on my record since 2008 thanks freinds I can see the light at the nearing end of the tunnel God Bless Pay it forward Many thanks Dean ®
  8. I have truecredit.com which is FAKO SCORE i pay about 9.99 a month at first it was 14.95 called to cancel and they offered me a lower price.. I would say its a great service for rebuilding gives you current mailing address etc its monitored daily but for a true score after u rebuild you need to get your real MYFICO score
  9. http://rebuildcreditscores.com/what-is-the-e-oscar-method-of-investigation/ this gives a breakdown on e-oscar its truly valuable information you can demand the CRA to procure the type of method of investigation they used
  10. Thanks so much I'm going to the court house to have the judgment vacated and see how it goes from there I wrote to the court they advise that there is nothing on file for these judgments the CRA says i have to present them with the docket information from the court does this make any sense
  11. Can you be a little clearer... I mean should i wait for it to fall off or just see if they can work with me Here is the truth I need apply for a mortgage in a few months due to increase in my family size my elderly parents now live with me so instead of paying rent for the next few years i wanna go ahead and purchase my first home my parents are going to be a whole lot more comfortable living with me in the house than the studio im in right now Thanking CB yet again Dean ®
  12. Congrats on your road to success. I can so relate to you my score last may of 2010 was at 501(fico) now its almost 700.. I say one dispute at a time .. Have you read the book The Secret it has helped me with positive thinking ... Keep up the good work.. we all have to pay it forward many thanks dean lets help out our fellow CB brothers and sisters
  13. My question is what percentage should I ask so I can finally clear up my credit report EXPERIAN Judgment Status: Filed Date Filed/Reported: xx/xx/2007 How Filed: Individual Reference #: xxxxxxxxxxxx Closing Date: Court: CVL CT CITY name Plaintiff: LVNV FUNDING Action Amount: $xxx This item is scheduled to continue on record until Mar 2014. EXPERIAN Judgment Status: Filed Date Filed/Reported: xx/xx/2006 How Filed: Individual Reference #:
  14. Hats off to you I used your guidelines and made it a little more personal to my situation .. away away in the mail Many thanks again Dean ®
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