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  1. CapOne. Besides, it's not about the liability of the debt but getting it off the reports. I haven't had ANY comminication from them in more than a year so they are not actively chasing me for it .
  2. No. Live in NJ and SOL is 6 yrs. Still have 2 to go. I'm just wondering if they ever give up and sell the debt to someone else.
  3. I know PRA has been beaten to death on this board, but I have another question for those who've dealt with them. I have a collection with them (~$250) that's a drag on the scores. Knowing they don't PFD, and paying a CA has little effect on the overall scores, what is their history in selling the debt to someone else, giving me the chance to pay for it before it reports? Do they sell their debts or do they keep a death grip on them and take them to the grave? I'm trying to find a creative way to get this CA off the reports. Any input is appreciated because this is keeping the scores sub 700. BTW, it's supposed to report until late '20, early '21. I could wait it out, but... Thx.
  4. Exactly. Why do people feel they must answer the phone??? It's the same people who receive unknown calls with no message but feel the need to call that number back. Ever dial the wrong number then hang-up only to have that moose call you back saying "you just called me"? Don't THESE people have a life?
  5. I thought Equifax said they were going to offer a free solution for people to lock their account at will like the other two offer?
  6. For those of us who are new at this, what is the right way to do a recon if denied credit? Such as what to ask and how to go about asking? I see the list of numbers in another thread, but for someone who has never attempted this before, the process can seem a little daunting. Thx
  7. The phone number doesn't match the in article. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk You're right. Didn't look past the first 6 numbers. My bad..
  8. http://www.classactionsreporter.com/consumer/firstsource-advantage-illegal-debt-collection-class-action-lawsuit https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=537577
  9. Well collection dropped from Ex today. Got a 3 pt bump. Still sitting on Eq and TU but figure that should happen in a few days. Thx for everyone's advice. Now all I need to do is address a 2.5 y.o. PRA collection. Any ideas on the best way to minimize this?
  10. One last question: while I wait for CA to act on their statement, do I forward to the CRA's a copy of letter from CA to get things started? Does it help?

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