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  1. I sent a Goodwill letter to Premier for a 30 day payment. They have accepted to change the payment status. TransUnion has made the adjustment. The other two credit agencies have not. What action do I need to take in order for Experian and Equifax to report the data? Thanks, M
  2. I have 3 collections that I have paid. I would like to have them removed. Can someone link me to a forum that assist in removing collections paid off. Thanks, M
  3. So I should "Verification" all these with the CRA except for the late payments?
  4. I have been a member for about 3 weeks. I have read and read and read so much. I have read PsychDoc's Credit Report School and Jen's Credit Repair 101 over and over. I feel that I have the terminology down and enough knowledge to start taking action. I am a little nervous doing this on my own. I recently had Lexington Law Firm but my budget became tight. Then, I started searching the web and came across this site. It has been wonderful. I have learn so much and now ready to be in control of my credit and most of all, my life. I am ready to put my shame, embarressment and pride aside and allow you guys to help me through this process. I havent seen no one be brutal towards naive individuals on here which encourages me to not be shy and ask questions that I still dont understand. I have pulled my Equifax report and will list all of the Baddies. Please help me take the right action towards each account. I will try my best to list everything indetailed and properly. I pulled the report from annualcreditreport.com GMAC - Installment Current but have 7 late payments showing through out the installment. First Premier Current - 1 late payment on Jan Capital One Bank USA Date Opened - 06/2003 Balance - $2,915 Account Status - Charge-OFF in CO GEMB/American Eagle Date Opened - 11/2007 Balance - $0 Charge Off - Paid off HSBC Best Buy Date Opened 11/2003 Balance - $0 Charge Off - Paid Off WFNN/BEALLS Date Opened 11/2002 Balance - $0 Charge OFF - Paid OFF Zales/CBSB Date Openend 02/2007 Balance - $0 Charge Off - Paid Off I also have student loans that are current but show late payments. Not sure what to do about those. While I was in school, thought I could handle credit cards but I didnt manage my money well. Thus, resulted in my accounts going into CO and paying them off in a settlement. I would appreciate the help on how to hand these old accounts. Thank you in advance.
  5. I'm trying to get past payments removed and some charge off accounts. Can you take the time to help me out?
  7. Wow! Thats amazing Johnny. Great Job. Do you mind helping me out? I have a few late payments that I am trying to get removed. Thank, Manny
  8. Well I graduated from College in 07, I had a hard time paying my loans and rent, truck payment. I am now back in college. I have been in college futhering my education. All my student loans are current due to deferment But there are still late payments on my credit reports. How can I have those removed from my credit reports? Thanks. Manny1010 P.S. Loans are from Sallimae and Panhandle
  9. Powers64, Thank you so much for your welcome and advice. I am still trying to learn the lingo bare with me if I may one day sound naive.
  10. Hello everyone. I am new to the board. Looking forward to learning tools to fix my credit report.

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