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  1. I have a BK discharged in 2012 and 2 medical collections .....one is recent , the rebuilding is going well . Im just wondering if I should wait till I am 2 years past those lates to dump the secured card or is it ok to dump it now sinc e its limit will never increase. I cannot get another cap1 account while I have the secured. update my experian is actualy a 651
  2. My current card is a regular quicksilver card so far what I have researched , I cannot have over 2 account s with Cap1 unless its a venture card witch i was denied so it seems the only way to get 2 Real credit cards with cap1 is to close the secure card and apply for a 2nd real card , should i do this now or wait until the lates are 2 years behind me?
  3. Hello and thank you in advance for any replies .... here is my situation I am looking to increase my credit limit , I currently have 2 Capital One cards, a capital one quicksilver with a 4,300 limit and a capital one secured card with a $500 limit , I cannot get a CLI on the secured card because ...well cap1 does not do that I have perfect payments on the $4,300 card and just got a CLI , I was late on the secured card 2x about 20 months ago ...perfect payments since my score is about 610 with eq 630ish with exp and 580ish with TU I dont qualify for the Cap1 venture card witch is the only card that will allow 3 or more open accounts So ... should I A. cancel the secured card and apply for another cap1 card such as the platinum or quicksilverone ? B. wait until those 2 lates are 24 months behind me and then close the secured account and apply for another? I know there is a chance that a new card may start me off with a $500 CL but at least the future holds a chance for a CLI any advice appriciated
  4. Thank you for all the replies , This is what I negotiated , They are not only refunding me the 2 payments they took while the account was owned by galaxy , they are going to credit that amount to the account and reclaim it and I will pay them the balance since "they" are who I owe they sent this over to me via email however I stated I needed something on company letter head and they said that was no problem , I also had them include that NO money will be deducted from my check until they truly own the account , so if this goes bad between them and galaxy I wont be out anything Thank you again for your responses
  5. Ok I will try to keep this as simple as possible and thank you in advance for your replies last year I was a member of an "employees association" that offered payment plans through a company called purchasing power I purchased some merchandise and $125 a month was taken out of my check. In February I left the company and failed to meet my obligation with the above mentioned vendor and they Charged off my account and sold it to a collection agency by the name of Galaxy , this sale and charge off happened around September This past November I went back to the same company and when I rejoin the "employee association" the began taking the money ($125) a month back out of my check , I was ok with this because it was my debt ....Until I get a call from Galaxy last week and they inform me that they own the debt and it belongs to them . I then called the "Employee association" and explained to them they were taking money from my check and sending it to a company(purchasing power) that did not own the debt . They said "let us find out what's going on we will call you back" well yesterday I get a call from purchasing power and they explain that they did charge of the debt and that they would no longer ask the "employees association" to deduct money from my check . I replied "great , what about the 2 payments you have taken since I have come back ? " they replied OH ...um uh ...well that's been applied to your account . , I then asked well how do you apply funds to an account you don't own? , I then asked for a copy of the charge off and the sale/transfer of the debt , she then said she would email it. Then about 4 hours later purchasing power calls me back and the lady claims to be from the "risk management dept." , she wants to know if they Reclaim the debt can we work out a payment plan again , I said no you sold this account and you accepted funds on an account you no longer own , she claims they sent the funds to the people that purchased the debt ... this would have been well after the debt was sold Can they do this???
  6. I know you can cease and disist a CA , but my friend at work has had an OC (state Farm Bank) calling them the past couple days and it seems like harrasment On the 14th they called 17 times within 39 minutes On the 16th they called 12 times within 40 minutes calls were made up until 8:37 the first night and 7:00 the other
  7. Record , Record , Record !!!! , If you can get half of what you told us on tape you probably won't have to worry about paying for that furniture
  8. I was wondering if anyone has disputed there information with lexis/nexis ? I went on there website today and discoverd thy have an "optout" option and that you are able to dispute the information have on file and have the same 30 day time frame as the CRA's
  9. Have you seen these ? http://www.ruralking.com/gas-charcoal-gril...535353030303530
  10. your 100% correct.... It is not a must , but it is widely used If you have any concerns about it ....Don't do it for one the loose skin will go away eventually , and the younger you are the faster it will +1000 on the fish oil and Grats to you on choosing a healthy lifestyle
  11. I cannot help that it does assist in starting the proccess , i did not invent the tanning bed. this advise is on about every bodybuilding , weightloss forum and magazine you can find when it comes addressing loose skin issues I don't know if its your mood today or if you just saw this as a chance to flame , I did not recommend over using it , or using it over a long period of time.
  12. how?? giving you skin cancer that will eat away all of the excess skin?? Make you a deal , you provide me a link showing that light moderate use of an indoor tanning bed causes skin canser and i'll research and give you the link that in detail explains how indoor tanning can speed up the exfoliation proccess Define light to moderate use? even once or twice a week over a couple of years have been killers in the UK, we call them Brown Bread Barbies...Cockney rhyme for dead... and I am sure you get the toast.. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12...-diagnosis.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...ays-abroad.html as stated above we not talking about doing this to get a tan..... over a couple of years would be extreme
  13. this is a tuff call , kids are so influenced so easy and try so hard to fit in ..... things to factor in , will the area get worse and the value of the home drop? will the mortgage in the bad area + private school be close to the same mortgage payment in a nice area? If you were a child in the situation what would you hope you parents would do ( I'm sure you have considered this ... please dont think i am implying you havn't) how long would you plan to live there? I moved a few times as a kid and hated it , If i had to chose i would want my kids to go thru the same school system if Able When i was in 4-5th grade i lived in Fontana CA. it was bad at the time , the Police would not go in the Apartment complex i lived in unless they absoluetly had to .. Funny thing is i was one of 3 white kids in the school , the rest were black and hispanic ....i experienced 0 Racism , however i saw things go on kids my age should never have seen However when dad finished school and got a much better job we moved to Virginia and lived in the middle class and was amazed at the amount of racism i saw living in a middle class neighborhood
  14. how?? giving you skin cancer that will eat away all of the excess skin?? Make you a deal , you provide me a link showing that light moderate use of an indoor tanning bed causes skin canser and i'll research and give you the link that in detail explains how indoor tanning can speed up the exfoliation proccess
  15. Congrats .... Great accomplishment , you look very proud of her

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