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  1. I live in PA. I don't dispute the fact that it was my loan. When we bought it, both of our incomes were used to qualify for the loan. My husband had an $80,000 a year job and they said they still needed my income from disability because we were married and it was going to be in both of our names. Then he was refused the insurance because he was diabetic, and they told me I didn't qualify because I wasn't actively employed. On my income alone, there's no way I would have qualified for the loan.
  2. I did receive a written notice from Allied. I have not talked to them, but after researching the phone #'s shown on my caller ID, it is them. They have left 2 messages just saying that it was a very important matter and to call at the name and phone # they leave. They do not identify themselves as a collection agency. In July, 2008 I received a letter from BOA telling me that I could have it back if I paid it off. I couldn't pay it off. After it was sold they sent me a statement and I never heard anything again. That was in Oct. 2008 and this is the first I have been contacted about it. My 30 day period to ask for validation runs out on the 15th of May. I suppose they could put a lien against my mobile home and car, but they aren't worth much. This was our 3rd RV that we financed thru BOA and we never had any problems making our payments. We just didn't know my husband was going to get pancreatic cancer and die. I just don't know how to deal w/Allied. I don't have much money and I can't offer them much. I am just trying to find the best way to address this. I do have a call log of all their calls. My phone company has a special program that logs them in my account with dates and times and numbers, so they can't dispute the fact that when they call, it is 3 or 4 times within a few minutes. I also have copies of their messages that were left.
  3. In July, 2008 BOA repossessed my RV that my husband and I had been paying on since 2003. After his death in 2006 I struggled to make these payments. I used most of the death benefits from insurance that I rec'd. to continue making these payments until the money ran out. I tried to sell it, but couldn't find a buyer. The bank is showing it as a charged off account on my credit report. I have now rec'd. a notice from Allied International Credit Corp. for repayment and the phone is ringing constantly. They are calling from 3 different phone numbers; 52 calls in 12 days, changing their phone number every day. For the past couple of days, they are showing their Ontario phone #, then 1 minute later they call back from a blocked #. While I don't dispute the fact that the RV was repossessed, if I could have paid the monthly payments I would have. My only income is from a disability retirement that I have been receiving since 1996. I live in a mobile home which could be considred an asset(no debt) and I have a car. I have been told that my bank accounts can be garnished(checking as well as a small savings). I am 63 yrs. old and have no way of paying them $70,000. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this matter. Thanks for any information someone can provide to me.
  4. I've been looking for one in the State College area in PA. Anyone know of any?

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