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  1. The answer remains the same as a similar previous post you made about IC Systems:
  2. If they report, the information must be accurate. From what you are saying, the information they transmitted to the CRA's is accurate. You paid an account after it was turned over to collections. (I know it's not the answer you want to hear.) A better technique might of been to negotiate a PFD with the CA. You lost your leverage. If this were me I'd dispute again at a later date and hope it falls off.
  3. I've hinted really hard here. PM me if you want to talk.
  4. Correct, believe us the $200 or $250 (depending on AAA or JAMS) is a small investment to make to defend a "LARGE upper 5 figures" claim. If I were you I would use to my advantage that JH suffers from an Achilles Heel: The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing.
  5. SOFI can't accept your money. The debt has been sold to JH for pennies on the dollar. JH is now the entity you allegedly owe, not SOFI. JH is a debt buyer not a debt collector. (Generally speaking, not legally speaking) JH will actually send debt collectors after you on their behalf. There's a few companies they use. It's not enough to "elect" arbitration IMHO. Actually file.
  6. Word on the street is arbitration makes them head for the hills. Hint hint...
  7. Called Alliant yesterday. I spoke with UW to put thru an app for CLI and interest rate decrease. Said I could only pick one. So I picked CLI. Hard pull on TU. Went from $4k -> $5k. Not big but something. 🙂
  8. I call the number from the running back door thread here. 877-379-8175 I started high trying to match my highest credit limit $5.5k and then worked my way down every call. I always ask if there is a counter offer and the answer is always no. My final call was April 2019, I only asked for $1k, again the answer was no. I guess on the bright side I've gotten seven free TU reports. I decided if they would no raise me higher than $700 I would just close it and take a hit but I lucked out. And no, my TU has not been on ice the whole time. Only since May 1, 2019. If it's on ice they will tell in the adverse action letter to unfreeze. Yes, they appear to be score driven. I had two baddies recently drop off before I hit the button that were included in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy itself is the only baddie that remains until 2022. Though according to my current FICO it doesn't appear to have actually increased my score at all.
  9. Well I was batting 0 and 7 calling them for 18 months, so I figured what the heck. The answer was always no. Was actually surprised to see it work. (Had to take TU off ice before it would work oddly enough) When you call them they are always all business and there never appears to be any negotiating. The computer says yes or no and it is what it is. However I'll take your advice and call in three months.
  10. After being stuck at a $700 line of credit on my PayPal Cashback Mastercard for 18 months, I finally got an increase via the luv button. This card was my lowest limit. I had typed in $5000 knowing a counter offer was possible and received an offer of $2100. Better then zero. What I'm confused about is the 7-10 letter that arrived today. The reason confuses me: "Amount requested too high in relation to your previous credit line". No other reasons listed. I've never had any Synchrony cards outside of being an authorized user on my ex-wife's Walmart card so I can't think of anything else this adverse reason might mean. Any ideas? I'd call Sync, but they outsource their "underwriters" and they seem to read from a script.
  11. RPM is not a debt buyer. They are collecting on behalf of T-Mobile. If it were me I would want to put this alleged debt to rest for good. Go to the source.
  12. How could you file against the collection agency? You don't have an agreement with them. You have one with T-Mobile. Work with that...
  13. I know someone who had a TL from RPM in regards to T-Mobile on their reports and immediately filed arb. To the best of my knowledge the issue was resolved.
  14. Not afraid of the HP's so I did apply for a new card. I applied for their 3-2-1 card without the annual fee. I was denied due to bankruptcy, lack of credit history among other things, blah blah blah. Called UW again asked from reconsideration and was told no. Asked again about the fee waiver for my other BofA card and she apologized to me. She said the other UW's had misinformed me. She said if a card has an annual fee at application, it stays with the card until it is cancelled. There is no waiving. So yes at this point I've moved on to EO. At this point I'm willing to meet them half way...
  15. I did call an UW twice prior to the notice and the advice I was given is no call can be made prior to the fee actually hitting the account. I think the best course of action is like you said. 3) try to PC to something without a fee I guess I could also ask for a one time fee waiver but its looking grim.

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