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  1. Great info, thank you! I am mostly wanting to be see if I can pull the report daily to help bump off some inquiries.
  2. Thank You for your assistance! I will check out that Credit Karma and the others mentioned in the thread.
  3. Hello, I have done some searches but couldn't seem to find the answer, I apologize in advance if it is smack in front of me and I missed it.. I was wondering what is the best credit report pull that will give you all three scores and allow for daily pulls to possibly bump inquiries off. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I am attending a real estate investor's group at the end of the month and will hopefully get some more information. While I would like to eventually purchase and hold some real estate to bring in some extra income, I am thinking this will be more along the lines of a quick flip for a small profit. Are there any lending options to assist with a short term investment?
  5. I am looking to purchase a condo for an investment property, it is a short sale and I am hoping to offer approximately 80-85% of current market value. I am recently out of a personal BK so I will need to find some other types of financing. Are there any short term loans available close to 90-99% of appraised value? The goal is to put down as little as possible. It seems most private lenders or hard money lenders only go to 65%. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I am sorry if I missed it another post, but did you happen to find out what score is needed to be approved for their secured card and/or if they have a certain score you must be above to be approved? I am recently out of BK and looking to rebuild. I know many of the secured cards do decline for their cards even though they are secured with your savings I appreciate your assistance. Thank you!
  7. I couldn't seem to find much on whether or not annualcreditreport.com is an accurate version/copy of your credit report in order to begin the credit repair process. I have seen just one or two posts with conflicting opinions. The site states that it is run by the 3 major Credit Reporting Agencies and that it is not trying to sell any type of scores or credit watch system. Will this copy suffice to begin the credit repair process or is it truly best to just pay the fee from each individual Credit Reporting Agency to receive the hard copy. I appreciate the clarification.
  8. The violations stem from questionable/illegal transfers of title, MERS, questionable/fraudulent documents submitted to court (BK related) and attorney is still researching to find additional concerns.
  9. The loan modification is going very slow due to many reasons. Husband's income varies as he is self employed so that is an issue. The first on the house is over the amount for the gov't programs. The cost benefit analysis from Lender's point of view for forclosure vs. loan mod isn't huge in our favor.
  10. We are considering many options in order to try to save our home that is currently in default. One option that our attorney has brought up is litigation. There are various possible violations regarding our loan and the origination and who owns it, etc. to be considered in court. Has anyone had experience in suing their lender and ending up with a loan modification as a settlement?

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