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  1. I have a few collection agencies on my reports that are reporting as "open", Late/Missed Payments. They also have such things as Terms of Frequency as "unknown", but Months Reviewed at "36". What can/should I do here? Validation letter to CA//JDB?
  2. I just received three letters from them today stating that they will be crediting my Navy savings account in the amount on each letter. The letter also goes on to state: "...The provision of this payment does not create a new debt or increase any existing debts that you may otherwise owe to Navy Federal. nor does this payment prevent Navy Federal from engaging in lawful collection activities as to any debts that you may owe to the credit union. This may include Navy Federal's exercise of its statutory lien authority or security interest in member funds to satisfy outstanding debts to the credit union." I am currently paying on two credit card accounts, which are closed. They are current but closed. Does this mean that they will be able to take the money out of my savings account if and apply to the balances if they choose to?
  3. I found a recent thread you weighed in on - https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=600685and I am now really confused as to how to pursue. I am sure the vehicle was sold as it was a lease, but I don't have anything regarding the sale of the vehicle. And again, while it is reporting that payments have been made to this account for over one year, the balance has not declined. Sorry to sound so ignorant here...but I am.
  4. Thanks. Still searching to try to find something similar in the threads. Still searching. Thank you.
  5. I guess twofold - SOL for legal action and reporting.
  6. I'd cleaned up my history very well a few years ago to the mid-700's from the 500's. But am now back in the 500's due to serious issues revolving around health and DH's employment. I am now looking to clean up my reports (because I know I can do this) and need help. On my EQ report, PRA and Midland are reporting in Other Accounts instead of Collections. The statement for Other Accounts says: Other accounts are those that are not already identified as Revolving, Mortgage or Installment Accounts such as child support obligations or rental agreements. And the summaries on EQ under Portfolio and Midland say: Your debt-to-credit ratio represents the amount of credit you're using and generally makes up a percentage of your credit score. It's calculated by dividing an account's reported balance by its credit limit. They are reporting as if I have a revolving/installment credit with them. What to do here? Examples: PRA Account Number Reported Balance $XXX Account Status COLLECTION Debt-to-Credit Ratio 98% Available Credit Midland Account Number Reported Balance $XXX Account Status COLLECTION Debt-to-Credit Ratio 100% Available Credit
  7. I was hoping it would just age out to SOL to dispute but I am assuming that this has started re-ageing it. They are charging me over $5k solely for mileage and at the onset would not negotiate with me. I would of course want it to go away but it is still within SOL, and now, maybe even longer. I have no idea what they are trying to do.
  8. But I am not paying it. I paid the original lease amount through the end of the lease in 2013. When I turned the car in, they assessed me additional fees for going over the allotted miles. I have not paid those fees, which they'd charged off. Now, the account is reporting as noted above - charged off/but now paying. I have not paid anything since 2013.
  9. I of course don't want that to happen but if that were the case the balance would be lessening and that is not the case. I also don't want to contact them; it shows the account is Closed. Should I contact them?
  10. The OC is actually reporting it this way. There isn't a CA reporting although it has been turned over to a CA. I am a little confused when you say "sounds like a CA talked somebody else into paying your bill" - how does that work and what are the implications? This is really confusing.
  11. I had an auto lease that I satisfied in full in 2013. However, when I turned the car in, the company billed me for the over mileage for several thousands of dollars which I have not paid. Because of this, the account went into collections. It is now reporting the original balance of the amount I was billed for the over mileage ,with a payment status as - "Now paying/ was a charge-off", and has payments current from last year to date. But I have not paid anything since 2013. This is a new one and I am not sure what action I should take or not take.
  12. So the OC is reporting a $0 balance which is correct based upon everyone's responses. I paid the CA because they took me to court and I had to settle with them.

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