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  1. In dire need of an 800 toll free number for my business. I am looking for affordable rates/ service. Anyone have any suggestions???....BTW, It has been a LOOOONG time since I have been on the "Board"...How in the heck is everybody????
  2. If you are interested in being a referral please send me a message. I would like two solid referals with great credibility with the Association. My Company maintains the highest ethical standards and would like to do business with those organizations/ groups who share the same values.
  3. Was just wondering if anyone knew if Chase offers any business credit cards that are revolving? I have the Chase ink Bold but this if a PIF card. Thanks.
  4. Hey CB'er's, Could someone please point me in the right direction of where I can find a letter to send to the CRA's to have a charge-off for a repo removed after the collection agency has agreed to the terms of the settlement. They agreed the terms and I need to draft a letter showing the CRA's that the debt is no longer valid. Thanks for your help peeps.
  5. I think I am going to give them a call and see if maybe I kick and scream and fall out on the floor will they reconsider
  6. Reasons listed below: Your consumer credit bureau score from Experian is too low (See below) Your credit report indicates that you have one or more seriously delinquent or collections accounts and/or derogatory public records on file. The number of creditors who have reviewed your credit report. The length of time you have been a customer with American Express is too short. Your consumer credit bureau score mentioned above was determined using a scoring system that evaluated the information in your file at the consumer reporting agency named above. The following are the primary factors in your credit report that affected your credit bureau score: Account(s) not paid as agreed. Length of time accounts have been established. Proportion of loan balances to loan amount is too high. Too many recent credit checks. They hit me with everything they could possibly think of...is it even worth it to speak with the Underwriters?
  7. I have 2 Amex Charge cards (green and gold premier rewards) and I also have an Amex savings account. I tried applying for the Amex Business Plum Card around the end of last year and was denied. So, I continued working on my credit and as of now my scores "fako" sit at 741, 755 and 748 per True Credit. I recently applied for the Amex Simply Cash Business card and was declined the business card for several stupid reasons. My question is how is it that I have several Amex products under my portfolio but they continue to refuse me a business card???...Anyone have any suggestions? should I call and ask for a recon? Any suggestions, tips, comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hey CB'ers, I know that on Amex PIF charge cards your balance doesnt count against your utilization. However, my question is.."Does the high balance that Amex reports to the CRA's affect the amount of credit that is granted to you by other lenders? Will lenders take into consideration my utilization with Amex to determine what type of credit limit they are willing to give me? I tried posting this same question a minute ago and I couldnt find it in the forum. Please forgive me if this is a double post. Thanks, Artie..
  9. Thanks Peeps, its so cool...I started my credit repair journey about a year ago this time...and I now have 2 Amex Cards, Green and Gold, A Chase Ink Bold Business Visa with a $5,000 limit and now my Discover...I think I am set for now...I think I will sit back now and prepare to join the 700 Club as I continue to work on getting the rest of these baddies off of my CR.
  10. Discover® Card Date Submitted: 4/16/2011 Congratulations! You have been approved for a Discover® Card with a credit line of $3,000.00. You will receive your card in approximately 5 to 7 business days at the address provided on your application. Once you receive your card, be sure to visit Discovercard.com to manage your account online. Your application was decisioned on 4/16/2011. TU and EQ Ficos...663 and 677 respectively...BOA Chargeoff and 2yr old 60 and 90 day late on old student loan, 3 or 4 year old credit union loan charge off. HOW COOL IS THIS....THANKS CB!!!!!...You peeps are the best....
  11. In my experience with having two Amex charge cards (both personal (not business cards)green and gold) a high spending month on my green triggered a suspension on both accounts until a payment was made. However, both cards are fairly new cards. I dont know if this scenario would have happened to a seasoned Amex charge card holder.
  12. I was interested in app'ing for the JCB Corporate Card. Does anyone who has the card or has app'ed before know if they pull a hard on personal for the Corporate Card? Do they ask for a PG on the Corporate Card? Thanks Peeps....
  13. Hey CB'ers, I currently have a corporation under a year old at this time. I would like to purchase a home in Arizona under my corporation. I was recently approved for a Chase ink Business credit card (I had to PG) under my corporation and I have several business cell lines through Sprint. Does anyone know if my corporation is even in the ball park of being able to obtain a mortgage under my corporation. My personal credit is decent...mid to high 600's. My corporation is not in AZ. Would this matter to prospective lenders? I hope this isnt a mouthful.....really would like to get the ball rolling on this...if it is possible. Does anyone have any advice or could maybe point me in the right direction of who I could talk to. Thanks..

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