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  1. I didn't want to ruin the fun, but I didn't want to be a hypocrite and apply a 'feedback only in feedback forum' for certain people, so I thought of a compromise, and now I'm spending my Saturday night moving everyone's posts about dinner out of the subforum it didn't belong and into the one it does, so the fun can continue.
  2. Were you getting gift cards at first? I really should have done it during that window when it worked. so mad at myself.
  3. Just got an email saying the match posted. Not as much as I know some of you got, but not one to say no to a couple of hundred bucks for free, so I'm happy
  4. I'm actually surprised we haven't had any blackouts in SoCal, considering EVERYONE is living the ac life right now. So excited to see my electricity bill.
  5. I disagree, it sounds like you're coming out of left field, if she's just trying to be helpful. But I don't know your background so I don't know if you're just being sensitive/dramatic or if she's normally condescending and that's why you're reading into it, because historically you have had to read between the lines. Jmo.
  6. Can someone post a Mean Girls "you can't sit with us" meme and direct it at this guy
  7. I can't help it. I need to know the lens too.
  8. This picture is awesomnmeeee. What camera? I can't see the exif data on my phone
  9. Yup, that's where I was passing when my car said 108. Freaking valley. You are not allowed in this thread x1,000
  10. Temp said 108. Probably closer to 103. How hot is it where you are?
  11. Every time you do that, this is what I see... Grandpa! Gloom, dispare and agony on me. Deep, dark depression. Excessive misery.If it weren't got bad luck I'd have no luck at all.... Once you cook sushi isn't it just plain fish???Well.. I just... I don't.... Leave me alone I've had a really rough week! Jk, idk, I go to the sushi place to eat cooked sushi rolls. They bring them. That's all I knows.
  12. He's not American.Technically Canada is a part of North America, "technically"

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