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  1. If this is something that happened 7+ years ago... it should be way past the Statue of Limitations. Generally it's about 4 years, but varies from state to state. If they sue you and it's past SOL, all you have to do is show up in court and use that defense.
  2. The branch in Ashburn, VA has pens, calendars, mini flashlights, etc. Even a tray of cookies!
  3. As a busy professional myself, my time is valuable. However I would encourage you to keep one thing in mind... no one else but you has any interest in improving your credit. The repair companies charge a monthly fee for their services. If they do it all in a month, how does that benefit them? If they just send generic templated letters that mean nothing on your behalf... how does that help you? They don't ultimately care about your success. The longer they're not successful, the longer you are paying them. You are the only one who really has a vested interest in your success. I would suggest taking an hour or two a week to start with if you are really that busy. Do it over lunch or dinner.... start by reading these boards, and ask some questions. Lots of folks have walked your path already and are willing to share their own experiences in order to help improve your own. You'll find it's not really as hard or time consuming as you might thing. The longest part is the waiting game... dealing with waiting from responses from other parties. Good luck!
  4. I had a pre-approval from NFCU in my offers section for auto loan. I ended up biting.... although I did not get 1.99... got 3.99%. So now as of a few days ago... my Hynduai Elantra has been replaced with a 2001 Lexus ES350. It's my dream car... has the moon roof I've always wanted, bluetooth, nav system, etc. Because it was with Navy as well, the dealer appearently had an agreement for a discount on pricing already which put the price at a # I was willing to pay. So negotiated it a bit further and got it at a price I was VERY happy with.
  5. RadioRob


    Very nice! Congrats! Navy has been a great organization to work with. Congrats on the CLI and API reduction!
  6. Its happened quite a bit. Search for "unintended consequences". Thats why we recommend folk read, research, and read more before just disputing.
  7. RadioRob


    The next closest I found regarding "Assumption of Risk". http://www.answers.com/topic/assumption-of-risk Which basically prevents a plaintiff from recovery if the defense can prove the plaintiff knew he was going to be "hurt". In the case of a JDB... they're buying basically debt from an OC and assuming the right of ownership in trying to collect. Being "hurt" does not seem to include not being paid. It seems to mean more of a "I put up a sign that the floor was slippery, so he can't sue me because he hurt himself in a fall because he slid on the wet floor I just mopped".
  8. RadioRob


    I can't seem to find any references to US law involving this. Everything I've found involving this with legal judgements involve English Tort Law. http://www.answers.com/topic/volenti-non-fit-injuria I don't think this has legal standing in US courts.
  9. Disputes never seemed to effect my score. Regardless however the landlord (or whomever they are having pull credit for them) will see the repo with a note it's disputed. They'll still see it regardless. Now... if the other 3 folks have decent credit, you should be fine. In most cases, I've seen many landlords require either an aggregate/average score, or that one person with good credit being able to be high enough to be able to make up for a lower score deficiency.
  10. Here's to everyone.... human, man's best friend, and everything else effected by those horrible tragedies. They're all in my thoughts and prayers.
  11. By the way... congrats to the OP on approval! Very nice!
  12. What does that mean clutch? Cash over means you can round the transaction up a bit and get cash back. So think of it this way... your purchase was 55 bucks. You can have them pay say 75 bucks and get 20 back in cash without it counting as a cash advance. (Similar to getting cash back on debit transaction.)
  13. Something MUST have. Probably has to do with adding 3 new AUs in the last 30 days. Review the charges on your account. Bet someone quit buying from Starbucks and GAP... instead choosing to buy at the liquor store and stop by the local casino.
  14. From my understanding, the notes on a status does not effect your score. It's still not a "collection account" category, so you should be fine. It's just like FICO does not score any differently from secured vs non-secured cards. Even though there may be a note saying it's a secured card. Or the fact an account was closed by issuer or customer... it has no impact on FICO (though might mean something different to a lender on a manual review).

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