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  1. I have several loans through Sallie Mae and I have been having some trouble with them (Sallie) as of late. They have changed my loan counselor and more than once I have called and recieved completely incorrect information, from the first level account specialists and from my personal loan counselor. These mistakes have ranged from small to large, from telling me the incorrect amount I owe on my monthly loan, to telling me that a loan has defaulted, then calling me back the next day and telling me that the loan was actually paid with my monthly payment and was fine. I have recieved all kind of inccorect information in between. I know that my loans defaulting or having many lates will ruin my credit rating pretty much forever (or the next decade), so I am not willing to continue to rely on misinformation regarding student loans, as they are serious. I know that some people have been assigned an advocate through Sallie Mae and I thought this might help. Does anyone have any information on recieving better service or being assgined to someone who can help me with honest information, who would be a bit more willing to help? TIA
  2. I would try calling Sallie Mae continuously. They decreased my loan amount, and it will increase yearly, which my salary should do also, so it will be a big help for me. You should ask if they can do something similar. In the meantime, pay off that loan, however you can. Sallie mae will ruin your credit for ever, so dont give them the opportunistic.
  3. Absolutely not. But if you have no income, I think it's a bit irresponsible to apply for credit and you have no way of paying it back. If a person has income in the form of social security, revenue, retirement, etc, that is still household income. However, I'm thinking about my generation (young 20 somethings) and most of that does not apply to us. Who is saying anything about not having a way of paying it back? I realize the divorce rate is high, but does no one understand joint finances? It's kind of like a mini communist society. All income goes together and all labor is done by whoever is best able to do it - which is not always the same person. When my husband and I were first married I made more than he did. His income caught up to mine and when we had kids we made the decision for me to stay home with them. At various points since then I've worked temp positions, part time jobs, and had some income from self employment for a period of time. My ability to repay credit card debt is simply not based on my income alone, but rather on all the income we bring in together. How would anyone ever analyze who pays the electric bill, who pays the mortgage, who buys the groceries, etc in order to calculate how much of my income is discretionary? Most of the store cards they're talking about start out with limits in the $300-$500 range. If someone is going to default, we're not talking about a huge hit to the credit card company... and there are many reasons that might cause that to happen. Relying on household income to determine credit worthiness is not going to prevent someone's job loss, accident, heart attack, etc. There are always a million variables to any situation, but there must be some cut and dry rules. I don't blame a company for wanting to know the income of the person who is applying for the card, or requesting that SAHP's file a joint application.
  4. Absolutely not. But if you have no income, I think it's a bit irresponsible to apply for credit and you have no way of paying it back. If a person has income in the form of social security, revenue, retirement, etc, that is still household income. However, I'm thinking about my generation (young 20 somethings) and most of that does not apply to us.
  5. He schemed and plotted against a woman who was his partner for 23 years and you consider that 'wise' and a positive attribute. Interesting. I'm an extreme liberal, but I do think you should have a job to receive credit.
  6. Have you tried speaking with a supervisor? CS agents from Sallie Mae always say the exact same thing. I will be writing my rep. about those Tuition Answer loans where you get a check. I think those should considered be a reg. loan and able to be bankruptcy discharged, crazy.
  7. My chihuahua baby helped me through depression. Money was much better spent than going to a million therapists and a higher dosage of lexapro. I must say she hasnt cost me that much. She has a small monthly insurance amount and she prefers my food so the dog food bill is low
  8. OK. Do you think 5k would then be the best small number to shoot for? Or should I just go ahead and finance the entire car, sans a small down payment?
  9. I want to get an inexpensive car, and I will be paying for most of it with cash. I was wondering if there was a minimum loan amount that I could get (>$5000) or would I need to take out a large loan for banks to feel it is worth their while? Thanks!
  10. BOOOO I've never gotten an increase on any of mine. LOL Congrats though!
  11. I use it, but I also have trap call installed on my cellphone. If I add you to the black list, you get the disconnected message. Problem solved
  12. Have you tried any disputes or goodwill letters to a VP of these companies in writing? It may never work out on the first try, but that does not mean the decision is set in stone at all.
  13. For several of my GEMB cards i got 7-10 and they called me to verify info, so it may not mean a denial. You can also app for gemb again after 2 months if they dont approve now.
  14. But how much debt was it. I see what a lot of people are saying here, but if I am an OC or CA I dont see NOT suing over a 5 figure sum. A thousand dollars or so, I would probably let go unless I was a small time firm, but the OP owes very large sum. I dont see that flying under the radar.
  15. You could try a charity or local church. Some offer help with living expenses for those on hard times. Also, if you have any type of freelance skills, advertise them so that you can make a little money quickly. Also, it worries me that you got a payment advance from your employer. This usually leads to a long term situation of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Make a budget and write down all your debts and see if you need to adjust your lifestyle a bit, like subleting your place for something cheaper or getting a roommate.

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