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  1. Did the CLI button yesterday afternoon and got the pending review/two business day message. Woke up this morning to my CL at 18.5k 3/10: 10500 -> 12000 (instant approval) 5/14: 12000 -> 13500 (instant approval) 7/18: 13500 -> 18500 (pending review; less than a day) Discover has been good to me and has earned their place as primary in my wallet.
  2. Yes; don't abuse the feature though as I've heard they restrict your ability after a while. You have a daily and monthly cap as well.
  3. AT&T is known to give a hard inquiry on actual CREATION of new lines. Price checking/hypotheticals shouldn't cause one. Upgrading an existing line shouldn't do it either.
  4. The three through the mail just showed the one middle initial. The recent addition to TU I haven't been able to verify yet; since I just saw it this morning.
  5. The part that slightly worries me is it doesn't show the old "one middle initial" version of my name on there anymore. CreditSecure shows an AKA row, but nothing is there.
  6. My parents blessed me with two middle names and up till now only the first middle initial showed up on my credit reports. The only thing that had the second middle initial was my birth certificate and my driver's license. Upon doing my usual update of CreditKarma I saw an alert mentioning a name change or update was added. I then went and did a 3 pull from CreditSecure and it shows TU having both middle initials; EQ and EX still show one middle initial. Something must have triggered it; no new inquiries; no new accounts. Only thing I can possible think is I updated my address on one of the banks I've had since I was a kid (which appears to have the second middle initial). So that probably is what caused it. But now my question; is that going to cause a problem with anything? Is AMEX going to crawl up my *** for a FR now for example?
  7. Got a letter earlier this week dropping me from 17.99 to 10.99
  8. As was mentioned elsewhere on this thread, if you want to see pre-auth's use the mobile app. It shows all my authorizations that don't show online.
  9. Statement Has your credit limit. Also got a letter a few days later stating they reviewed their original decision and decided to raise my limit. It'll also show on your credit reports.
  10. Ran several hundred dollars in the span of a day or two plus a bunch of random small transactions (mcdonalds, cvs, walmart, etc)
  11. It surprised me as well. Usually they don't do it that early (less than 90 days) without being prodded. Even then it takes some work. On a side note, it surprised me I didn't trigger some sort of fraud alert on the card. Used it several states away for large purchases and narry a peep. Overall, I'm definitely happy with USBank.
  12. Got my third statement. $50 bonus showed up with an auto CLI. Can't complain.
  13. I had these guys way back when. Gave me a 12k credit credit line when I was in college (no wonder people run into issues??) They tack on all sorts of fees like one for paying online, by phone, etc. Didn't use it after college as I had better cards, they started charging an annual fee. I said bu-bye.
  14. I'm thinking about buying a new car and had a few questions for anyone that has used Alliant: 1) How do you do the app without knowing what specific car you want? They have a box specifying collateral. Can you just specify small size SUV? I'm planning on shopping between a few different brands (Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, etc) 2) The same for the amount requested. Can you shoot high and then actually process it for lower? 3) Do they send you a blank draft check? Or do they deposit to your checking account? Their site says loans have same day availability in most cases. 4) What kind of follow up work should I expect using them instead of dealer financing? Any potential issues? Thank you )
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