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  1. they are usually available the day after they air.
  2. Umm...not happening... I'm so tired of people turning a wedding or baby shower into a gift grab!!! I get invites from people I haven't seen or talked to in years and I co-hosted a baby shower last summer where the invite list kept getting longer and longer and longer. The mom to be ended up "planning" most of it- the other host and I were just big wallets. We ended up with almost 75 guests at a baby shower! I wouldn't want to write that many thank you cards! So, no. If I don't see or talk to you on a regular basis you will be getting my regrets that I am not able to make it and a ni
  3. I feel sorry for your boys...haven't they been through enough?
  4. we gave Time Warner the boot last month (only kept internet) for Roku. We love it, but I miss having live news available, so we may have to get an antenna. Regardless, we are saving $1056.00 per year so I will adjust! Our investment in the four boxes will pay off in just a couple months.
  5. I am flying this week and wondered if I will be allowed to carry it in my purse. I won't be using it on the plane of course, just want to know if I can have it with me. I'm flying US Air if that makes a difference.
  6. I have odd feet. Ok, I am trying to accept that. But I still want to look nice at work, is that too much to ask? My feet are size 10, and if that's not bad enough they are completely flat. No arch whatsoever, nada. So heels more than 2 or so inches are out of the question. I am up and down all day at work and it seems like my feet hurt all the time. In the last month I have ordered probably 15 pairs from Zappos and Shoebuy. And sent every pair back. I just need something that will work with slacks and skirts and doesn't look to old ladiesh (I'm 37). I'm partial to wedges. Any suggestion
  7. I've found bananna and apple boxes (for free from the grocery store) stack well and are very sturdy. Our local store will save them for us as long as we pick them up in a day or two.
  8. Oh, I wish this would happen to me....I am so sick of the school telling me what I'm gonna do and how I'm gonna raise my kid. It stopped for me last year. I was at that school so many times it wasn't even funny. YOU are the parent, YOUR tax dollars pay that wench....YOU tell them your daughter will carry her inhaler. Had this same problem with my son. Had to go all the way to the school board, but he carries it. Good luck.
  9. my niece failed English 10 and is taking English 11 at school and English 10 through correspondence at the same time. We are also in Ohio, but I don't know if it's a state thing or a school district thing. The correspondence course cost about $75.00.
  10. This is the kind of crap that kept DH and I from having more children. Childcare was the biggest stressor in our lives for years! I know you and DS are used to this woman, but I think it's time to move on. I had a few sitters that acted like I worked for them and forgot they worked for ME. She's counting on you to back down and she needs the money. I'd call her bluff and make other arrangements. Good luck to you, I don't envy you this at all!!!
  11. Tigz... the derm I'm seeing is in a city an hour and a half away, so I don't think my family doctor will be of any help getting me in sooner. The other dr. I was going to go to was two months out! A coworker did have a thought yesterday that made some sense...I work in an office with a window a/c built into the wall and we are sure there's mold in it, we could smell it in the spring but the smell is gone now. The rash has been going on for a month and that's about how long we've had it running on a daily basis. We did spray it yesterday with some stuff for mold in car a/c's. I am al
  12. I finished my 6 days of prednisone yesterday and did get a little relief from the itching.....however, I still have new "bites" forming and it is now on my left leg. I did find a derm that will see me on August 9th, so I'm glad about that. My question is...I am seeing my doctor tomorrow, do you think he'll let me take prednisone for two more weeks till I see the dermotologist? I will be on vacation next week and I don't want to deal with the severe itching...
  13. we use a pet door for our cats, but not so they can go outside. We have ours in the laundry room door and keep the litter boxes and food in there. That way the dog leaves both alone. Our cats are indoors all the time.
  14. One of the doctors did ask me to call and let her know when I found out what it was...
  15. So last night I headed to urgent care. The first doctor I saw brought another doctor and they were both baffled. First doctor said they had seen 3 other cases of rashes like this in the last few days and it may possibly be something called swimmers itch. (I don't think so, although I did go swimming in a pond a few days before this started. But it was a chemically treated pond. Ironically they said I need to see a derm. I told them about not being able to get in to a derm, but they couldn't help me with that. And I caved and started methylprednisolone today. I also got a differen
  16. I have had to take prednisone previously for joint inflammation. I was a lot younger then and didn't understand what I was getting into. I think that time the doctor just wanted to get rid of me. this is a different doctor, but I had so many side affects I was hoping not to do it again. I gained 10 pounds in two weeks, and just felt puffy and gross. kwim? and the effects lasted far longer than the pills. I am not a pill popper, I have a heck of a time trying to remember my vitamin! I so agree with the lazy medicine part though. I haven't been to my family doctor since 06, so you k
  17. we do have two urgent care centers nearby. Oh, and I did pop the fluid filled spots....they looked so gross I couldn't go to work like that! haven't had anymore in a couple days. the itching today is intense...I keep trying not to touch it but that's impossible. I can't take a pic right now (I'm at work)will try to do so tonight. may head to urgent care after work.
  18. the ones that fill up with fluid actually look kind of like chicken pox. I had a super severe case of them when I was 16, so the doctor doesn't that that's it.
  19. Dang, actually I have tried that. I called my derm four times last week. During the last phone call I lost it and started crying. I know it's childish, but I was practicly begging, I am in such misery! No dice. I could've reached through that phone and choked that witch! I will not be going back to his office. I did schedule an appt. with a new doc on Sept. 15. But I'm not sure I can hold out that long.
  20. I do do a lot of yard work. But this is not poison ivy or oak. We don't have any on our property to my knowledge (I do know what it looks like ) and I have sensitive skin, so I always wear long pants, long sleaved shirt etc and strip and shower immediately afterwards. They look like insect bites or hives. I am prone to hives but these have lasted going on three weeks!
  21. About 2 weeks ago I got some bites on my right arm. I thought they were just mosquito bites. Then they started to spread all over my arm and some of them (maybe 5) filled up with a clear fluid. They itched so bad I COULD NOT STAND IT!! None of the usual remedies worked-calamine lotion, benedryl, hydrocortizone, etc. Last Tuesday I went to my family doctor and he doesn't know what it is. He gave me a cream to apply three times a day (triamcinolone) and an antihisamine (certizine). Needless to say they are not helping. I have dozens of "bites" on my right arm and a half dozen on my left
  22. I got the Chargriller for Mother's Day. I love it. The grates are nice and heavy and it's easy to clean. I have noticed since I got mine that there are a lot of them around that are all rusted out, so I keep mine covered at all times when not in use. I didn't buy the special $25 cover though, I just used an extra large regular cover. Also, when DH was putting it together I noticed that one of my grates was deeply scratched. I called customer service and had a new one in 3 days , no charge of course. (and they let me keep the old one)
  23. If she's funky, tell her because if you don't someone at school most certainly will and you will be the mom of the child known as Stinky. yep! Do it. It doesn't need to be as complicated as you're making it. I mean. My conversation with #1 was... "Chick. You smell. Go shower. Lather up nice and good. Clean E V E R Y W H E R E. Use deodorant. If you step out of there still smelling funny, I will wash you myself." Done. Yep that works. My sister talked to my niece (14years old) once about this issue. the second time she stripped down and got in the shower with her
  24. I have cabinets to the ceiling right now. I don't like them but we live in a very old house that desperately needs a kitchen remodel. We have almost no storage, so I use them for baking pans and things I don't use often. I would prefer high ceilings or a bulkhead though. Love your new kitchen. I have serious kitchen envy!!!
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