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  1. backdoored TU for us both, all regular inquiries are still there
  2. all of my TU inquiries AND all of my spouse's TU inquiries vanished from AMEX credit secure when we pulled each this morning
  3. mine has never resulted in a HP, and as far back as I can remember the website says it will not be a hard: Request a Higher Credit Line Checking your eligibility will not affect your credit score Most of the time I receive the boilerplate response on the screen that says to check the Online Document Center in 2-3 days with a decision -- which translates to "Your CLI request has been denied". Since it's a soft pull, I usually check it monthly when I remember.
  4. Was able to upgrade spouse's card to the Surpass on March 1st, even though it was opened in late March of 2015. Very happy offer was still active!!!
  5. Yup. And other portions of AMEX's site are down and/or not performing as usual -- such as the Search function. Of note is that the error for the "www295" subdomain (www295.americanexpress.com) is no longer coming back with an http 500 server error code, but instead has been taken offline and is unreachable. So at least we know they are doing something.
  6. Yeah, agree with that. Seems to me like the whole subdomain (www295) is not resolving and should be an easy fix -- but what do I know? The only CS page I could find that isn't hosted on that AMEX subdomain is https://partner.experiandirect.com/CREDITSECURE/Message.aspx and it does resolve. But all the links on that landing page redirect to AMEX's "www295.americanexpress.com" and that server appears to be messed up. I did call the CS dept at AMEX (866-617-1893) and they told me that they are aware of the issue and that the IT dept is looking into it. The instruction the rep gave to us users was to retry every 2-4 hours because they don't know when it will be fixed.
  7. it's been down for over 8 hours for me
  8. Yup. Mine posted last week. It was nice not to have to wait for a new billing cycle for the bonus, it seemed to post right after my spend requirement was met.
  9. Just thought I would share my experience yesterday with my AMEX HHonors card. I finally got around to closing my Zync unicorn card (with the $500 hard limit) in September. I waited a couple of weeks and in October I requested a CLI on my AMEX Hilton card. I was declined, but not because of a hard limit but because I had requested a CLI in the previous 6 months (Doh!). So I was planning on waiting until early next year to once again request a CLI for my lowly $1K limit HHonors card. But yesterday AMEX emailed me that they had given me an auto-CLI to $2K on the card. I instantly did some reading and found conflicting answers about manually requesting some luv from AMEX right after an auto CLI. So I decided to request my long overdue 3X CLI that most people go for 61 days of opening the account. And Bam! -- $6,000 new limit was approved instantly online. So now I will wait 181 days and go for another CLI on this card. So it seems some of us do indeed eventually get out of the AMEX penalty sandbox, despite feeling like it may never happen.
  10. Woo Hoo! Great news!
  11. They did pull a hard on EQ as "DSNB/MACYS/BLOOMIES" about 4 days after I requested the CLI online. No hard pull for the auto-CLI a week prior to that.
  12. I went from $2K > $10K a month ago. Our scores are similar. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=548365&do=findComment&comment=5341168

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