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  1. What was the outcome of the Suit @Jasso20 ?
  2. Scenario, JDB sues in court in TX. Defense Lawyer files response. JDB immediately files for non-suit, which gets it dismissed without prejudice. Technically JDB could refile, or even refile and ask for dismissal many times, each time costing defendant legal fees. So if they do refile, could that be considered a violation of debt collection laws in Federal or Texas statues? Some kind of harassment or similar that would allow defendant to counter sue for violations?
  3. Got a couple Cap One debts bought by Portfolio and since there isn't an arbitration clause I'm planning on calling and trying to negotiate a settlement before it gets passed off to a law firm. Anyone have a solid strategy on what to say or how to approach settlement negotiations to get the best deal? Seems like other times I have called other JDBs in the past the line person on the phone doesn't really want to play ball and I have to get a manager on the phone before any progress can be made. And even then it was hit or miss. Any tips or tricks to smooth out the process would be app
  4. Yeah not to concerned about getting sued. I have zero assets, reside in TX and am self employed via an LLC. This stone ain't got no blood to squeeze 🙂
  5. So got the CA working for Chase to take 14% on the 2 accounts, which was reasonable for me since they don't have arbitration and I have some other Chase accounts which I have been avoiding using because of the collections and can now use them without concern. So far about $20.5k settled for right about $3.5k. Not a bad start.
  6. @GoCardinals How did you find out they filed suit if you didn't get served? Yeah since I'm in Texas I'm gonna hit up the JDBs next. Send them a Verification letter to see if I an get at least a single violation on the books and then if I do go in hard with a 5% offer and if they say no just head to arbitration.
  7. So quick update, I have settled both of my Amex accounts for 20 cents on the dollar. One day out of the blue I decided to play Collection roulette and answered a call on the number which they all call but I never answer. Amex is on the other line and I stand firm at 10% just saying it as a matter of fact until they finally transfer me to a supervisor. Keep insisting on 10% until he finally drops to 20%. Tried to get down to 15% after that but no budge. Finally agreed and that monkey if off my back. Wish me luck on the rest.
  8. Spoke with Amex collections on the phone and we agreed to an acceptable settlement amount. They mailed me a letter but it seems pretty sparse on the language of what the settlement actually means. Would love feedback on if you feel the language in the letter is on point or if I should ask for additional language to ensure I never hear about this debt again from amex or any collectors, and that it will show settled/closed on my CRs. Letter: Amex Settlement Offer Letter
  9. Thanks, think I found it. But going through a bunch of his posts as there seem to be several good TX threads he started. Thanks
  10. Thanks for that tidbit. It's encouraging news. Did the Amex get assigned to a CA or sold off to a CA that you settled? Mine seem to be assigned for collection. Not sure if that's a determining factor as some of the arb threads said OCs will usually happily go all the way through arb just to spite the consumer. Any chance they agreed for a PFD at the settlement amount? Also, when filing for arb, what reasons did you use in the filing document as cause. I was reading about how to do arb and realized since I haven't done anything like validation to rack up violations on their part, I am
  11. When you say mother thread, are you talking about this one in the state laws forum?
  12. Is there a place where I can get a copy of the agreements? I had assumed that they change over time and any that I might find online might not be the ones I am bound to? Or do all CC's have a master agreement for all cards and all cards get updated to new agreements automatically when it changes?
  13. Around Feb/Mar 2018 I walked away from just over 80k in debt. I chose to walk away instead of Bk for multiple reasons. Now I have come into a little cast and want to start settling for less than owed. All debts except Capital One, Discover & WF have been shipped off to CAs. Mostly sold, some just collecting on behalf of OC. None of the CA or even OC have spoken to me since I walked away. I don't answer numbers I know and have never responded to a collection letter. But I do get settlement offers frequently. Usually 40-60%. So does anyone have advice on how to best approach negoti
  14. Did you notify your creditors that you no longer reside in the US? Good question. If you do, you are screwed. Why would telling them screw me? No I haven't told any of them. I don't have any home technically to send an bills to, either in the US or overseas. I'm kinda a Vagabond or a Digital Nomad depending on your definition. Hence the virtual mailbox back in TX :-)
  15. Thanks for all the replies. A lot to chew one. Definitely want to move banks. It becomes a little more difficult when permanently out of the country. But I'm sure there is a solution out there, will just need to find it. On the 1099c stuff. Ouch. Do you also get those if you declare BKK?
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