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  1. I just pulled all three of my CBs and discovered that in June of 2013 I had a tax lien placed upon me by the State of Ohio in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. I was never notified of this legal action and am in the process beginning action against this. First, the tax dispute is from 2007, where we filed and paid our taxes. Second, The State of Ohio accepted out tax return and we even received a refund for that year. It is interesting that this action is coming from an attorney based in Cleveland OH. and I was never contacted by the State. Where should I begin?
  2. I had a CA text me the other day acting like an attorney. Since I am seeking another suit against a creditor I thought it was an attorney I contacted. When I called the number back, the person on the phone acted like an attorney, and threatened me with a lawsuit. Over 285.00. lol. My question is, how does this effect the law under a CA contacting your cell phone by text, threatening legal action and pretending to be an attorney?
  3. Ok, so I have one CA that I sent a validation letter to. (by registered mail)They had harassed me by my cell phone for months. They claimed that they had sent me the information on the debt by mail, yet I never received said information. When they received the validation letter, they of course ceased the phone calls. They also changed the status of the account with the CRA from open to charge off, derogatory. Their 30 days has not yet expired. Where do I need to be looking for my next course of action?

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