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  1. Did you call Amex to apply? Or did you apply online?
  2. I don't know if reverse mortgage would work, but you can consider it if it works. Debt consolidation or debt settlement doesn't matter which one you pick, either one will hurt your credit score. Selling the house is another option, but I don't know if you have any equity on the house.
  3. Don't wait and get incorporated in Texas. When you move to NY, incorporate in NY too as a branch of TX corporation. By the time, you'll move your headquarters from TX to NY.
  4. I don't think soft inquiry will count towards 5/24. Sometimes some cards don't even pull soft inquiry, they just check your last 12 months payments and balance on your card. You can ask for a limit increase all at once, as long as they don't pull your report as a hard inquiry.
  5. Every 6 months to 12 months is good enough. As long as it is a soft inquiry, it is all good.
  6. Sometimes creditors think you have enough credit, so they prefer not to offer you any more credit. That said so, sometimes you need to be in debt (around 10-20 %) so they can extend you some more credit.
  7. Hello, Here is the list of the options from best to worst: Pay your debt - either find some funding from friends and family and pay them off. When the debt is all paid, the credit cards will give you 0 % apr balance transfer options. Then, you can transfer the debt that you got from friends and family. Debt Management Debt Settlement Bankruptcy Good luck
  8. If you are asking the sales rep, I don't remember his name.
  9. Two days ago, I started to fill out Fleet gas card application on their website, but when I was asked to fill out the personal information, I just stopped and closed the website. Today, I just received a call from Fleet rep, and he asked me to help finish the application. So, we started the application. He didn't ask anything about my personal information. After the application is filled, he said he will get back to me within 48 hours. He mentioned that they are reporting to DNB and asked me if that is a problem. I said no. Well, anyways, I guess I am going to get a fleet gas card with $5000 credit line.

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