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  1. I've been there for 10 years, so yes, pretty comfortable with the fact that I won't hate the job. You could really say that about any new position, but given my history with them, that's not an issue. I never said I would want to borrow the max. Of course I have considered how long I want to work, and how long the mortgage would be for. However, even without maxing out, the added income puts me in a position to bump up from Chocolate Goodness to not so Chocolate Goodness. It's a line that would be easier to cross without paying much more and I would prefer not so Chocolate Goodness Yes, 20% down.
  2. Hi Guys, mortgage newb here. It's been quite some time since I posted here. Been a member for 8 years and this forum was the reason I was able to turn my credit around for the better, so I am back as a new chapter in my life is about to begin. (I don't know why this is big & bold, sorry...lol) I'm about to start looking for a home to buy. I've been a Server for over 25 years and have worked in the same restaurant for the past 10+ years. From my understanding, if I apply for a mortgage, my income will be calculated using my past two years tax returns and then average from that. However, I have been offered a management position (promotion within current establishment), and am considering accepting. This would be a salaried position as opposed to my server (hourly + tips) and higher income. My question is: If I accept the promotion to a salaried manager position, at a higher pay, will this be considered when I shop for a loan? Or do I need to be in that position for a certain amount of time for it to have any effect on the amount I will qualify to borrow. Is there any problems with accepting a new position within the same company right before I start shopping for a home? Any info is appreciated to help me out during this process. Also, based upon Fico scores pulled from my Discover Card (TU), Penfed (Equifax) and Amex(Experian), I currently sit at 820 839 820. I have no loans and am completely debt free with a very small balance purposely reporting to CB's every month ( approx $8) to maintain scores. What kind of mortgage rates should I expect and discounts if applicable? Thank you :)
  3. Penfed Visa Sig - $44,500 Discover- $37,500 Amex BCP- $10,700
  4. Not this time... also, don't see fico score at top either. Anyone else?
  5. "One of the great features of a sole proprietorship is the simplicity of formation. Little more than buying and selling goods or services is needed. In fact, no formal filing or event is required to form a sole proprietorship; it is a status that arises automatically from one's business activity." From entrepreneur magazine --------- "A sole proprietorship is the simplest and most common structure chosen to start a business. It is an unincorporated business owned and run by one individual with no distinction between the business and the owner. You are entitled to all profits and are responsible for all your business’s debts, losses and liabilities. Forming a Sole Proprietorship No formal action is required to form a sole proprietorship. If you are the only owner, this status automatically comes from your business activities. In fact, you may already own one without knowing it. If you are a freelance graphic designer, for example, you are a sole proprietor." From SBA (US Small Business Assoc.) ------------ Do you sell on ebay, etsy, etc... are you an artist, crafter, etc.. do you sell items out of your garage, basement, swap meet? It's perfectly legal. Just apply for a business card with your ss# and use personal CR. I have a biz amex in my name. I am an artist, but I didnt have to prove it to them. It does not report. If you muck it up, they will probably report to your personal CR
  6. In the past I did. I can't get my last $1.3K to be applied as a CLI now though. Guess I need to call in to wrap that up.Then I need to PC that Travel Rewards AMEX to something I can MS. I am waiting for confirmation that someone has successfully done this with a current offer. I got a CLI already but it had to be done manually due to a COMPUTER GLITCH. The offer is still there, but I don't think I can convince another human to do this manually, since they'll see that I just got a CLI... so I am waiting until it looks like they've fixed the underlying COMPUTER GLITCH before trying again. I have not. I think it was last Jan that I first tried to add to existing CL, but panicked thinking they were offering me new card and called in for help. The CS Rep, must have been new, because didnt really know what I was talking about and sent the info over to a "specialist". This resulted in a hard pull with a CLI. I complained via email and never got a response. I really dislike confrontations, so silently seethed instead. Last quarter, got offers, tried again. Computer glitch, thought about calling in, but then remebered the hard inquiry on my report that burns a hole through my brain everytime I see it, so chickened out and decided to silently seethe, again. This quarter, I said fak it, I'm going for it. Got error code, again and silently seethed while I built up the courage to make the call. Marie was my angel. After forcing me to listen to some truly horrific musak for 25 min. she assured me everything was A-OK and I should have the new CL available on my card within 24-48 hrs. Checked CR, no hard pull. I was... happy. Then cv91915, who had the same computer issues as I, and went through the same process as I, AFTER I did, posted a screen shot of his new CL in his account. My account, did not show my new CL. I silently seethed for 2 days. I was not going to call in again. I was ready to throw in the towel. But, in my heart, there was a tiny voice whispering to me that Marie would come through, be patient. Marie came through. I'm glad, because I'm no good at break ups. All is well. I doubt I'll do this again
  7. Kongrats! Nice CLI. Thanks! that's alot of credit for me, given my salary. I think they cap at 50, so the above is prob end of cli road for me with them
  8. Penfed Sig Visa 15,000 > 44,500 .. now my largest limit. Happy New Year Everyone
  9. Marie, or maria helped me yesterday. After 25 mins we figured out I needed to log out. After that, she finished it up for me in seconds. She said there is something wrong with the link.
  10. That's the exact message I got too... make sure you log out when rep tries to finish it for you. For some reason, it mucks it up onntheir end, if you're still on that page
  11. Thanks for the update. I've been looking for the post you described, but I can give it a shot with your description of the process. Found it! https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=572423
  12. Thanks for the update. I've been looking for the post you described, but I can give it a shot with your description of the process. No problem, Good luck!
  13. Congrats! I remember being stuck at 666 for the longest time. It was horrible. Such a great feeling when you break thru into the 700's. enjoy!
  14. Took offered cc with a 29,500 CL and added it to existing card with CL of 15,000. Now my highest CL of 44,500. So yes, you can add to existing card. I did have some sort of error code come up during the process so had to call in, however, it went something like this... In my offers, there was one for a sig visa (which I already have) for 29,500. I selected that and continued onward. It acts like you're accepting offer for a new card, but don't panic, as either the next page, or one following that, it recognizes that you already have that cc and asks if you would like to apply for a new cc or add offer to existing cc. Select add to exisiting cc. Then it will confirm the total new CL. Which it did for me, but wouldnt let me go any further. Some wierd code came up. The rep I spoke to said there was something wrong with the link, and finished it up for me on the phone.. Hth Someone on here actually posted screen shots of the entire process to add to existing CL. Not sure if it was last quarter or the one before, but it's on here somewhere.

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