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    Hi all! It's been a while since I posted. My SO received a Pre-approval from NASA-FCU from totally out of the blue. I was so excited to see this, yet cautious as I recall NASA was a closed CU. Have things changed? I would like her to app for this card. Any info out there?
  2. Citi Preferred pre-approval. Applied and was instantly approved. Bit of a milestone for me since Citi wanted nothing to do with me for years. about 5 years ago they were sending me a mailer twice a week to app for a card but wasn't pre-approved. On the advice of this board, I never applied. Last thing I expected to see in my mailbox was a pre-approval offer. I was 50/50 that I would be approved but that was a mental thing. My credit is excellent with a deep file.
  3. I have limits of $10gs on my Amazon store card and Lowes card. I have a $12500 limit on my Ethan Allen store card that was an instore approval when I was furniture shopping. They had 0%interestt for 18 months at the time and I didn't speak to anyone about it.
  4. I belong to this credit union. I maintain several accounts there including a gold Credit card that refuse to use. They are TERRIBLE to do business with. My Father was a State employee and I piggybacked him to get a membership. When he died he had $500 in a checking account. This place made me jump through hoops and made me wait 2 months before they issued me a check. I had to threaten to get the Surrogate court after them. The CSR actually told me that " the person who deals in deceased accounts is the only one handling these accounts and he forgot to do my Father's account." That's when I threaten to get the court after them. My father's estate was detailed but nothing crazy.He had numerous bank accounts. This one just happened to have the least amount of money in it that he has recently transferred to it before he died to keep it active. All the other banks issued me a check on the spot when I provided them with letters of CTA from the Surrogate court. Their facilities are sparse. Their products are overpriced and offer little to no incentive. They take forever to clear a check etc... Their website and app are archaic. They look like they were designed by the AOL stick figure of the 90's. When I saw the mass email MCU sent out about their CEO being arrested on fraud charges I wasn't even the least bit surprised. I almost expected it.
  5. Just did a cold app for a Wells Fargo Platinum card and was instantly approved for $15,000. They are most definitely open for consumer credit card business.
  6. Haven't had a CLI from them in YEARS! The high limit was $4500, than $2500 now $750. I used it back in May to buy some yard furniture. Spent about $500. PIF when the statement cut. Used it again for roughly the same amount in June. PIF when the statement cut. SO is an AU. She used it to buy some clothes in late July. She spent about $200. Here is the funny story. My SO and I are in the process of buying a franchise and starting a new business for her. We have been going through the motions the past 3 months doing research, scouting locations talking to owners etc... I have a pretty good handle on my finances I know what is coming in and out etc... To purchase the franchise I was trying to figure out where to appropriate the franchise fee from and setting up other things to get the new DBA rolling. I sat down with both my accountant and financial advisor. We went through assets and liabilities etc. I left that meeting feeling AMAZING about myself. My assets are in the low 7 figures and total liabilities (mortgages, car loans, credit cards) are roughly 7.5% of my gross. I get home, check my mail and there is a letter from Barclays CLDing me due to high revolving balances and my TU score that they used is 776. I cashed out my rewards in the form of gifts cards, paid the $200 balance and cancelled the card. They ruined my day. I was in a GREAT mood too. Enough of Barclays. Never again.
  7. What a nightmare. This will be a global disaster for the financial industry. I wonder what happens to DHL.
  8. I haven't posted in a while. This article prompted me to sign in and share with the forum. Having been a victim of identity theft by someone I knew I know how hard it can be to resolve the issue. I was so angry at the person who did it to me and felt bad for her at the same time. So many emotions. I can't imagine how this woman felt. http://nypost.com/2016/10/04/my-mom-stole-my-identity-when-i-was-just-11-years-old/
  9. I did that twice with US bank. Very annoying.
  10. I have had the TD Signature for about 3 years.. I had the same pre-approval letter and was instantly approved.They like 700 and better score Was given a $10,000 limit. No CLI's since I opened it.
  11. Not on my MC's or Visa's. I financed furniture and appliance suite last summer which was a considerable amount. My AMEX green is my main card.
  12. I would find out which bureau they pulled. Was it just an auto decline or did you talk to someone? Auto decline. Apped on the 14th. Got a TU alert that I had an INQ on the 16th. Sure enough it shows Citi pulled TU on the 16th. I wonder what's up
  13. I've been quiet for a while on the forum. Life kind of happens and you look up and realize it's been months since you have logged on or posted on your favorite message boards. So I'm back baby! For a while anyway. I have been a busy bee the past 8 weeks. It started in April with a new Mortgage on my home that I refied and took cash out 15 years 3.35% This week I have added the following: PENFED auto draft for $32,000 my second car loan with them in 3 years BOA Travel rewards $10,000 Both online instant approvals Apped for a citi diamond preffered card that I was pre-approved for and was declined. Waiting on the letter. I think It's because if a Fraud alert on my EQ. clean reports, no baddies 20% many accounts with 5 figure limits, avg score of 740. Keep on keeping on folks it does come together eventually.
  14. They say the definition of madness is to repeat the same things over and over again. Well someone call me a doctor. Against my better judgement I pulled the trigger on MY PRE-APPROVED offer and it was DENIED! Excellent reports, clean all around. 740 average score. UTI is exactly 20% Lot's of active trade lines, many with 5 figure limits. This was my first CC app in over two years. I don't get it. I din't know which CRA they pulled. The only thing I can thing of is that there still maybe a fraud alert on one or all of my reports. Highly annoyed right now. Any recon advice?
  15. That's the same offer I got as well. Looking at credit pulls citi isn't issuing high limits at time of app. I think I am going to pass.
  16. I received a pre-approval for this card. Did a forum search to my surprise not much out there. Clean reports across the board average score of 730. No new INQ's this year.
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