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  1. If I can settle for 40% or less, I'd like to try. If I end up getting sued, I'll probably pull the trigger on the BK7 instead. I'm out of SOL in about three months. I can try to hold off until then. My income was fine at the time of application. I have since lost a majority of that income through a layoff and my spouse becoming disabled. We take home about $45k less now than we did when I opened the accounts. Even the JDBs are saying they can't go lower than [30% reduction]. I'm just not getting it. I'm willing to talk, but what do I need to do to get them to understand
  2. I'm starting to work toward settling old debt. Only Chase has sent me decent settlement offers around 30-40%. I feel like I keep seeing things about people settling around 20-30%. How? For the ones that are still calling me, they say "the lowest I can go is [70% of balance]." The SOL will be up on most of this debt in a few months. I've mentioned discussing BK7 with an attorney. Was that a bad idea? What am I doing wrong? What magic words do I need to say in order to get them to consider a settlement less than 40%? Please help.
  3. My spouse became disabled circa 2013. He did not qualify for SSD. By 2017, I could no longer keep up with CC payments and just walked away. After a few strategic career moves, I'm in a place where I might be able to begin settling some debt. My goal is to buy a house sometime in the next 2 years. I'm wondering what my plan of attack should be. Chase: ~11k Discover: ~2k BofA: ~3.5k USAA: ~20k Collections (Midland and Portfolio Recovery): ~7.5k I'm in NY where the SOL is 6 years, but my understanding is that our borrowing statute means the SOL of the l
  4. Yes, this is the USAA Credit Check Monitoring. I received it today as well.
  5. I disputed with TU through CFPB on Feb 24 and had received a response by Mar 6, so about two weeks. TU didn't really address the issue in their response to the complaint and the CFPB only views getting them to respond as their job. However, when reviewing TU's response, there was an option to give feedback to their response. I did and TU ended up addressing the issue at that point, though CFPB was no longer involved.
  6. Pinnacle likes to hire collection agencies to collect for them. They likely own the account but are outsourcing to Northland Group. If you still have the letter from Northland, check it. It should mention Pinnacle. If not, DV them both.
  7. Thank you, everyone, for your help! Unfortunately, I think this means TU will be keeping this on here for another year. Ugh.
  8. I had a balance, which went to collections, and I paid it off.
  9. How would I go about disputing this with Transunion? I tried getting them to remove it recently and they refuse to because a "repossession is not a collection or charge-off." They just barely updated the balance to 0 after two years of fighting with them, calling the original creditor, AND providing them with the PIF letter that I received from the creditor. I've started getting transferred to their Special Handling department. I just want this TL gone.
  10. I had a repossession about 6 years ago. After it was repossessed, I was contacted by the Credit Union's collection department and ended up paying off the account. I'm in New York, where the SOL for reporting is 5 years for paid collections and charge-offs. Prohibited information. (f) (1) Except as authorized under paragraph two of this subdivision, no consumer reporting agency may make any consumer report containing any of the following items of information. (iv) accounts placed for collection or charged to profit and loss which antedate the report by more than seven years; or accounts pla
  11. I'd still DV them, making sure to include a request for their authorization to collect the debt. Let us know what comes back.
  12. I'd DV them both. Are either of the companies reporting? Did either of them state they were collecting on behalf of the other? I have an account owned by one JDB, and have had two other collection agencies try contacting me in the past year on the JDB's behalf.
  13. Below is the letter I've drafted for Pinnacle Credit Services. I'm a little unsure of the validity of some of my arguments and know I might be reaching a little in a few places. Please review and let me know what I should change. I plan to send this tomorrow or Monday at the latest. A little background... this is for a ~2000 Verizon Wireless bill. The account is owned by Pinnacle. Pinnacle has been reporting since 11/2011 (the account is from 2008), but I'm within SOL and hadn't heard from them at all, so I've been letting it sit. On Feb 13, I got an Inquiry alert from Stephens & Micha
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