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  1. It's on the county court website. I had two others that sued so I noticed it pop up while I was looking at documents on the others . 5% Would be amazing! Good luck!
  2. Hey thanks for the advice! Definitely aware of that. But after living under this dark cloud for a couple years, absolutely can live the rest of my life without the lenders I'm settling with. I'm maintaining my amex cards without any AA so far surprisingly, and one credit union card.
  3. In your same shoes!! 160k here. Heres some info on my current offers from Amazon, chase, Citi, and discover. Different collectors though. Discover - no offers Amazon SYNCB current offer 80% Citi 1 PRA owns, filed suit but never served Citi 2 70%. Calvary Citi 3 56%. Calvary Chase 1 20%. All chase still owned by chase Chase 2 20% Chase 3 15% Amazon is the most recent of my delinquent accounts, which probably explains the higher number.
  4. I am insolvent for the debt according to the IRS worksheet in Publication 4681, it will be excepted from income. Based on the existing offers in hand, it is definitely possible. NFCU and Chase specifically are both below 25% and I haven't communicated at all with them. Most others are already at 35 or so without any communication. There are really only a few that are sitting between 50-80%. I'd be willing to share the summary sheet privately if you are interested.
  5. It's also much more complicated, because of my large student loan debt I'm over the chapter 13 debt limit. The IDR provides a reasonable payment for that though which I can manage.
  6. BK will put me at paying ~90% over 5 years. And leave me with the discharge and credit ding 10 years after.
  7. Back from the dead here. They say with great power, comes great responsibility. Several years back I built great power with my available credit, but failed on the responsibility part. Fast forward to now, and I have $160k in delinquent cc debt all aged over a year since payment(I think). I need to review exact dates. Rainbow of creditors. Basically everyone you can think of except amex and capital one. I have a lump sum to settle with, but it is limited. Anyhow, I've compiled a spreadsheet of all settlement the offers I've received by mail, and am close to 35% on average for about $120k of the debt(offers range from 15% to 80%). I want to get this down near 20-25% if possible, because it is still unknown how much the last $40k would cost me since I have no offers. Some are owned by JDB some are still oc, and two I had to hire a lawyer to settle in court because I let them go too long and was sued. I'll be looking for advice as I go along. I don't mind sharing more detailed info but don't want to give away my identity in case there are lurkers from these businesses in the forum.
  8. Automated instant approval, but a hard pull on TU.
  9. Effective immediately my limit has been increased to $10,000. I've been at $1,000 on this card for five years. THANKS!
  10. I intend to also put retention bonuses in the table such as yearly free miles or free rooms which might justify the fees. But for the most part, yes that's why I went with the everyday with no annual fee over the other potential amex cards. I will probably have a lot of cards to cancel this year!
  11. I could sort it by open date, that would definitely show the creditors that are way overdue on a CLI!!! Its tough to judge by open date alone though. I don't have the history of CLI's for each card, which is really what would be good to see. I might try to look back through statements that are available online to come up with CLI timelines for each card over the last two years if i can, but cant promise it will be soon. I think I might be able to find a table with original CL's at opening, if i do I will post it.
  12. Don't worry about that, it is hard to judge these things when you have no context. Let me give you some background. I have a 30 day late on my reports recently in 09/2014, which I think AMEX hates with a passion and that's why they give me such low limits. I also have a 6-year old judgment on my reports. I am probably lucky they approve me at all. As far as the low chase approvals, they are more than likely due to reaching their max exposure. Since I already had a limit of 11800 on the CSP card they weren't willing to extend much additional credit with the southwest and slate cards. Exposure. They might have a lower than normal exposure calculation for me because I have about 50 student loans on my report with payments that are deferred, but nonetheless show up and are likely calculated in the DTI by their computers. I have a difficult time getting high limits with CU's because many of the off the road ones besides navy have stricter DTI rules. Once I finish my second masters, I will consolidate all of these loans and the payment will drop by probably 70%, but until then I cant do much about it. Lastly, I have 15 new accounts in the last 12 months so that's enough to make anyone squirm. Hopefully that helps you understand the reason I get what I get, don't be scared and good luck!
  13. Great news! I'll try it in a year, thanks!
  14. I applied for three cards in the same day. First two were instant approvals, 3rd went to review and required 30+ minute phone call. They canceled one of the first two that I didn't really want as bad and gave me the 3rd. I think two in the same day is pretty well all you want to take your chances with.

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