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  1. My personal issue is there online information is not accurate. They dont always show your pending information from a day to day basis the same making it hard to keep track of your money. That was my biggest complaint. Her response was to write down every debit transaction I do. I know im not the only person who has had that problem with Wells Fargo
  2. Wow. Judgement. I do like to add I said in my letter I know its MY RESPONSIBILITY but you depend on a system to show u accurate data that doesn't, quit with the Judgement and assuming I didn't take responsibility.
  3. Yha, I'm starting to agree. I don't think i'm going to get anywhere with an "Executive" contact and just going to close my credit card and checking account out.
  4. Local CU's are usually the best choice. If your eligible NFCU.
  5. They did exactly zero for me but I was working on a different issue. Most banks will only refund one NSF fee per year, which I think is reasonable unless it was their error. Are there extenuating circumstances? They did exactly zero for me but I was working on a different issue. Most banks will only refund one NSF fee per year, which I think is reasonable unless it was their error. Are there extenuating circumstances? Wow one. No, I just kept showing them how there information changes on a daily basis (You can charge something one can, show pending and the next day not). Nothing ever is up to date on there website. I've paid over $700 in NSF fees YTD and yes I've had ones removed at the branch before (months ago) and she refused to remove one. it originally started with me being PO they wouldn't remove a fraud claim that caused an NSF. I'm sorry I'm just amazed one I was like, can you remove ONE...She was like, no, nope sorry..Basically for me to go shove it. We've removed them in the past so can't do anything. I just think from a customer service department of a EXECUTIVE department of a company you would at least remove ONE but i'm not the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation that makes these polices. She was very unhelpful woman for someone who was very upset and it was apart of there Executive 1-800-511-2265 number.
  6. bump...has anyone had such a bad experience with the executive dept as i'm having?
  7. Well I finally got a response after emailing the first email (I emailed the CEO one Monday with no response). Needless to say a Carol called me from the Executive Dept and told me to shove it and she wouldn't refund one NSF fee. I must say, Wells Fargo has some HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Customer Service. She told me since I was refunded an NSF fee previously she won't refund anymore. Keep in mind the last one was a couple months ago a branch did.
  8. I would agree, and would say the same thing no matter how your last sentence might end: "... I'm disappointed in Wells Fargo __________________ ." LOL. I'm starting to VERY much agree. Anyone else have anymore contacts I could try or a good phone number?
  9. Nope, tried that one. Hopefully that one works. Gotta say im disappointed in Wells Fargo Executive contacts.
  10. Hello, I've been having some problems with NSF fees and my checking account, long story short I've tried to email the CEO email address and boardcommunications address and a week later no reply. Does anyone have a good contact email or executive number so I can actually get something done? Thanks!
  11. There are fees involved when changing tittles for the new car and old car for the DMV.
  12. Now, you do understand by you paying off that loan early they lost money so that wouldn't make them "grateful"....they now just got less interest off you...
  13. I've had mine for almost a year in a couple months...But I've gone over limit multiple times so I prob won't get some luvin till awhile.
  14. Well if I was working at a job and got 42 hours a week, of course I would be getting OT changing the amounts, according to law. The thing is, the whole year with weekly 40 are easily doable. You don't have to be salary to get that same set of amount.
  15. I fail to see what is so "interesting" or unusual about a company that doesn't currently offer overtime. We are well staffed enough to not need it, but if we needed it, we would pay overtime. We do have flex time, and if someone stays late to finish something, that is their choice and they don't have to stay. If someone stays an extra hour one day, they don't take that as overtime, instead they work one hour less another day. We have in the past had overtime but it's been a couple of years since we have had overtime, and that was because of a huge project bringing in a new client. And no, this is not a business that I own. We are just well staffed and we don't need to offer overtime, so why would we pay time and a half when we can get the work done without it? This really does not seem so unusual to me. It has been my experience that office jobs typically don't have overtime, particularly in large corporations. I am in my 50's and have had one job in my life at which overtime was even an option. It just seems ridiculous that an established, large company would be considered so unusual because they don't offer overtime, and that because one employee worked 40 hours every week for 8 months, that she, and we, would be accused of lying. Just a quick point: not offering OT is different than not paying OT. Comp time is illegal in most states and not paying OT is illegal in all states. That makes your previous statement "interesting." I've worked many office jobs and all say no OT but if I work 40.25 hours I will be paid .25 hours of OT unless I am salary non-exempt. I know this may be different than a lot of companies but I do my time card and each and everyone one is 40 hours a week. Now that being said at times we offer overtime so of course have over 40 and can get into two numbers of hours, but if they didn't my every paycheck would be 40 hours a week for the whole year.
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